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Webinar: Why asset discovery is the missing link to your enterprise vulnerability management

29 Jun 2021
Enterprises are challenged to maintain asset visibility and secure the complex networks due to their very size – you cannot expect the same results with traditional vulnerability assessment given the large volume of assets, CVEs, and connected devices. Find out how an asynchronous approach to vulnerability management works to put asset detection at the heart of your VM program and reduce enterprise risks

asset discovery background

There are noted differences in vulnerability management for enterprises. With more business units and a much higher risk of shadow IT and cloud sprawl, larger enterprises continue to suffer from the lack of asset visibility and classification to drive effective remediation, even when vulnerability assessment is done continuously. Join us and learn how an asynchronous approach can help build an enterprise CMDB and automate continuous detection for any new and critical vulnerabilities in your asset repository so you’ll never miss a critical risk again. Couple that with built-in threat intelligence to ensure you have the insight to pin-point how likely your CVEs will be exploited (actual risk!) – all through a fully automated and integrated workflow for maximum VM efficiency.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why traditional vulnerability management processes don’t work for large enterprises
  • What is asynchronous vulnerability management and why enterprises need it to improve asset visibility
  • Automating asset detection across your entire infrastructure and orchestrating asynchronous workflow
  • The key to vulnerability prioritization and effective remediation with risk-based threat intelligence
  • Enterprise use cases and how to get started

Register for EMEA timezone - 29 June 11:00 AM CEST

Register for US timezone - 29 June 4:00 PM EDT

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