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Simplify web application security testing for business-critical apps with SWAT, our most comprehensive pen testing as a service (PTaaS) solution. SWAT combines the depth and precision of manual penetration testing with vulnerability scanning to secure web applications at scale. The solution ensures a state of continuous monitoring, and exceptional coverage of both technical and business-logic flaws. This includes when changes are introduced to the web application, or if new attack methods are discovered. All findings are peer reviewed, eliminating the concern for false positives. SWAT delivers findings in real-time, with context aware risk-scoring via a dedicated portal.

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About PTaaS with SWAT

Test your apps in real-time for the latest vulnerabilities. SWAT delivers continuous monitoring of internet facing web applications via a SaaS delivery model. The solution can be fully customized to your needs, minimizing unnecessary load, or risk to any sensitive environments. Most vulnerability findings are produced by our in-house testing team, and peer reviewed by a senior pen tester. You can also interact directly with our security experts for validation and remediation guidance, all via the portal.

Human-led Pen Testing

Our highly skilled and experienced pen testers will give you the most accurate view of your vulnerabilities including business logic errors and backdoors that automated scanners missed.

Automated Scanning

Our application security scanner provides a good balance of speed to results and keeps your business moving forward with continuous monitoring.

Context-Aware Risk Scoring

Prioritize your remediation efforts based on the vulnerabilities that pose the highest risks to your business.


  • Checks that go beyond OWASP Top 10
  • Strong focus on business logic flaws and new or unknown vulnerabilities
  • Customized testing based on your specific needs (whether it be avoiding certain sensitive areas or using specific data input)
  • Direct communication channel between your developers and Outpost24’s pen testers 
  • Re-testing and remediation validation 
  • Authenticated testing as a logged-in user
  • Change detection and unlimited verification of applied fixes
  • Continuous monitoring and real-time insights of your vulnerabilities in a single UI
  • Zero false positives
  • DevOps integration
  • Context-aware risk scoring
  • Configurable notifications (e.g. if a high-risk finding has been found)
  • Compliance framework support for ISO, PCI, SOC2, HIPAA, CREST, and NIST

How PTaaS works

Pen testing is an effective way to detect flaws in your application before they turn into a serious threat. But traditional pen testing delivery takes weeks to set up, and the results are point in time. This leaves critical application vulnerabilities exposed longer, while the average time for a threat actor to weaponize a new vulnerability gets shorter.

A new wave of automated pen tests conducted through a SaaS delivery model can fix this problem. PTaaS provides companies a view into to their vulnerability finding in real-time via a dedicated portal. By switching to PTaaS solution, such as Outpost24’s SWAT, you can achieve a deeper level of security monitoring and risk detection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Outpost24 offer automated or manual web application security testing?

Outpost24’s PTaaS offers extensive and custom manual testing, with the option to automate scans for continuous monitoring. Unlike traditional pen testing delivery, Outpost24’s findings are delivered in real-time via a dedicated portal that also connects you directly with our security experts.

What are the benefits of PTaaS for my web applications?

PTaaS allows agile organizations to expedite remediation during testing, and includes continuous monitoring to minimize your application attack surface. Outpost24’s approach to PTaaS also guarantees zero false positives, as findings are produced and verified by security experts.

Can I verify my remediations with a security expert?

Yes, Outpost24 will verify the effectiveness of your remediation beyond the test length.

How should I prioritize my remediations efforts?

Our risk-based approach helps you prioritize remediation efforts based on the highest risks posed to your business.

Can I share the findings within my organization?

Yes, the reports can be exported to PDF, Excel, and XML. The report data is fully configurable and can be presented in both technical and business context, depending on the audience.

How does PTaaS address the need for vendor rotation in web application security testing? 

PTaaS eliminates the need for frequent vendor rotation by streamlining the pen testing process. Traditional pen testing often involves onboarding new vendors, which can be both time-consuming and costly. Some organizations choose to rotate vendors in order to benefit from different testers’ specializations and expertise, as each tester may uncover vulnerabilities that others might miss. However, with PTaaS, this concern is effectively addressed. Outpost24’s PTaaS offers a larger pool of skilled testers and encourages creative testing, ensuring a fresh perspective on your web application security. Our experts are always on standby to address any problems that arise, providing comprehensive coverage and eliminating the hassle associated with vendor rotation. 

“We need to show our customers that testing is happening continuously. Outpost24 is the only vendor that can deliver continual application testing at scale and we don’t have to keep requesting tests when we need them.”
John Hixon Cezanne HR
“Utilizing an automated security testing tool like Outpost24 has helped reduce 3,000 audits to 1 audit and documents that our system is secure to our customers. It has enhanced our security capabilities and now we have a complete view of threats”.
Thomas Kjærgaard EasySignup

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Success stories and real-world examples of how SWAT is helping businesses improve their security posture, without slowing down development.

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