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Smarter cyber risk management

Cyber risk is business risk. Threat actors routinely exploit poor security hygiene to gain access and compromise company networks. Outpost24's intelligence-led cyber risk management solution makes it easy to identify security gaps in your attack surface and prioritize vulnerabilities that matter

Vulnerability management

Know the risk of every asset in your network, endpoint, and entire multi-cloud infrastructure to direct remediation efforts

Application security

Secure your modern web services and deliver digital innovation at scale with automated pen testing and continuous monitoring

User password security

Protect your remote workforce and critical data by blocking weak and already compromised passwords to secure user authentication

Cyber threat intelligence

Boost your cybersecurity defense by knowing the threats and actors behind, and how they're targeting your business

Outpost24 acquires external attack surface management provider Sweepatic to reduce risk exposure of internet facing assets

Based in Leuven (BE), Sweepatic is an innovative external attack surface management (EASM) platform. Gartner identified EASM as a top Security and Risk Management (SRM) trend for 2022. By leveraging their EASM solution across Outpost24s full-stack security assessment and threat intelligence offering, customers will be provided with the most comprehensive view of their internal and external attack surface to identify unknown assets and prioritize risk mitigation.

Continuous cyber risk management

Outpost24 offers the most complete view of your attack surface and threats targeting your organization, helping CISOs and busy security teams understand what's real, what's dangerous and what's important to fix in their environment, right now.

  • A single platform to discover your entire attack surface: endpoints, networks, cloud, apps, user and data
  • Best-of-breed products for hybrid, multi-cloud security, web application security, identity and access risk assessment
  • Risk-based vulnerability prioritization powered by real-time threat intelligence
What are your most urgent cybersecurity initiatives?

Transform vulnerability management

Reduce your attack surface 

Secure critical web applications

Detect and counter external threats

Meet cloud security compliance

Implement DevSecOps to secure SDLC

Protect password and user access

Outsource security program

Common causes for cybersecurity incident and data breach
The frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks is at an all-time high. CISOs and Security Teams face a daunting task to manage a plethora of new security risks stemming from remote working, shadow IT, cloud sprawl and insecure software design across systems and networks - with little resource to match. While no one solution can protect your organization from cyber attack, knowing and shutting down the most common initial access vectors are the most effective ways to prevent hackers and ransomware groups from getting into your systems in the first place.
Bruteforce attack

Insecure password practices are exploited in 81% of cyber attacks worldwide and user credentials remain one of the most sought-after pieces of information for attackers. The problem is exacerbated with Covid-19 and remote access, where employees continue to use weak and compromised password out of convenience, and companies are in the dark about which credentials are being stolen from their organizations

Known vulnerabilities

Applying timely patches to applications and operating systems is critical to ensuring the security of your infrastructure. But many organizations struggle to remediate vulnerabilities in a timely manner due to a lack of resources to scan continuously and a lack of insights into which vulnerabilities they should patch first when there're simply too many. The decision puts organizations at unnecessary risk and open themselves to hacker exploits.


Phishing is the most common methods of cyberattack by impersonating a trusted person or organization and tricking victims into opening an attachment, clicking on a link or entering information in a bogus website, which then allow attackers to infect the device with malware, control online accounts or steal credit card information. Companies must help employees to recognize phishing and equip them with the knowledge to fend off attempts

Continuous application security
Application development and commercial software are being adopted and customized faster than IT teams can secure them. Our blackbox application security testing and monitoring solutions provide multi-layered discovery and assessment to mitigate application vulnerabilities
Vulnerability prioritization

Don’t base your vulnerability remediation on assumptions. Predict and prioritize high risk vulnerabilities with threat intelligence to ensure you only fix what's urgent. By combining hacker-centric behavioral data with historical data, our risk rating saves busy security teams time from tedious manual analysis of vulnerability data by focusing remediation efforts on CVEs that are most likely to be exploited in the wild

Deep and dark web monitoring

Targeted threat intelligence saves time and maximizes security resource while accelerating threat detection, incident response performance and investigation. Threat Compass uses sophisticated algorithms to deliver actionable, automated cyberthreat intelligence from the open, deep and dark web, including malware botnets. This makes it easier to identify and manage real threats targeting your organization – for faster decision-making and accelerated risk reduction.

Active Directory security

Microsoft's Active Directory is used by 90% of the global Fortune 1000 companies, making it a prime target for ransomware. Weak passwords make it easy for a hacker to infiltrate your systems and conduct successful cyber attack. Get a free password security audit today and protect your endpoints with Active Directory security best practice to prevent data theft.

About Outpost24

The Outpost24 group is pioneering cyber risk management with vulnerability management, application security testing, threat intelligence and access management – in a single solution. Over 2,500 customers in more than 65 countries trust Outpost24’s unified solution to identify vulnerabilities, monitor external threats and reduce the attack surface with speed and confidence.

Delivered through our cloud platform with powerful automation supported by our cyber security experts, Outpost24 enables organizations to improve business outcomes by focusing on the cyber risk that matters.

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Knut Erik Ballestad, Systems architect and Security at Komplett Group, Komplett

“I would recommend Outpost24 solutions to detect and manage vulnerabilities, their technology is second to none in maintaining the security of our critical applications, enabling us to deliver an exceptional customer service.”

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