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More scanning won’t protect you.
Understanding the results will.
Our ethical hackers and the tools they’ve created give you actionable insights into your security vulnerabilities and the focus to resolve them.
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You are not alone!
of all vulnerabilities from 2013-15 are found in applications
million security events were detected against the average client network in 2015
of confirmed data breaches in 2016 involved weak, default or stolen passwords
weakest link to IT is mobile devices and it’s the fastest growing enterprise vulnerability
of breaches in 2016 had a financial or espionage motive
Want to know more?
Our sole purpose is managing your vulnerabilities.
Our acute focus on vulnerability management up the full stack allows us to improve our precision, avoid false positives and continuously scan for vulnerabilities without interrupting your daily business.
We operate around the world, but we’re always only a phone call away.
Data security is personal—because of the nature of data and the human error often involved. So, we pair our people with yours to give you the confidence that your infrastructure can have the best protection. Plus, we’ve won awards for our ease of use—our people aren’t just personable, our solutions are, too.
We solve problems faster than hackers create them.
We continuously scan while also indexing priorities so you can decide whether or not a risk is worth slowing down your business. Moreover, we act on your suggestions to evolve our products so that they address all of your needs.

"Thanks to Outpost24 we now know our vulnerabilities and risks so we can act on them today"

Jan Rubingh
Group IT Director at CED Holding

108706 Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures!

- increased by 8329 this year 

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