External Attack Surface Management

Know your external attack surface and improve your cyber resilience with Sweepatic, our external attack surface management solution (EASM). Sweepatic is a cloud-based platform that maps your growing attack surface. Automatic data gathering, enrichment, and AI-driven analysis modules analyze all your known and unknown internet-facing assets for vulnerabilities and attack paths. Sweepatic then offers simple, effective remediation actions to close your security gaps.

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About Sweepatic EASM

Our simple onboarding process doesn’t need any software or agent installation – the platform is cloud-based and easily accessible through a secure login via your internet browser. We only need basic information like your company name and primary domains to get started.


Discovery and Mapping

Continuous discovery, mapping, and monitoring of all internet-facing assets associated with your business.

Vulnerability Assessment

All discovered assets are analysed for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

Attack Surface Scoring

Attack surface scoring across the entire scope, on asset level, and on observations (attack surface issues).


  • Non-intrusive, passive discovery from the infrastructure to the data layer
  • Simple onboarding without any on-premises installation
  • Analysis of all internet-facing assets analyzed and attack paths prioritized
  • Automated domain and subdomain discovery including look-a-like domain detection
  • Encryption certificate monitoring, including expiry dates, the certificate chain, TLS protocols, and issuers
  • Interactive dashboard for complete real-time visibility of your attack surface
  • Advanced port scanning to detect all open ports at risk of exploitation by threat actors
  • 24×7 automated monitoring built on advanced reconnaissance techniques
  • Builds an exhaustive and accurate data set of your attack surface
  • Cookie consent checks to verify your websites’ compliance with the GDPR regulation
  • Fully customizable alerting and reporting to identify and filter security priorities
  • Integrations including Jira, ITSM, SOAR, CAASM to drive effective triage and remediation
  • Detect if users of any of your domains have had their credentials leaked with integrated Threat Intelligence information
  • Monitor and track changes to assets in real-time with manual rescanning

Managed EASM

Our Managed EASM service provides you with a full understanding of your external attack surface enabling you to improve your security hygiene.

Once we have deployed the EASM SaaS platform, it will perform continuous discovery of new externally exposed assets and proactively alert you of any changes to your external attack surface. We will have a monthly review call with you to discuss the newly discovered assets and to provide you with actionable recommendations on how to improve your external attack surface security hygiene.

Continuous Discovery

Discovery, mapping and monitoring of all internet-facing assets to identify vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

Proactive Alerting

Receive notifications of vulnerabilities sent to your ticketing system, SOAR, asset management and notification platforms

Monthly Review Call

Actionable steps to help you improve the hygiene of your attack surface.


“As CISO, mapping the external threat surface has always been a key aspect for me. We’re particularly interested in the seeding from the domain names because this provides us with an additional dimension on the attack surface of Cegeka.”
Philippe Michiels Cegeka Group
“We had a visibility issue. From a security, technical, and regulatory point of view, not knowing what you have somewhere on the internet and what its status is, is like driving towards a wall with your eyes closed. Sweepatic gave us the best value for money for mitigating the risks we faced.”
Peter Van Lierde Sibelga
“Thanks to Sweepatic and its user-friendly interface, it’s easy to have visibility over all our systems, which their platform continuously monitors.”
Laurent Joppart The Belgian National Lottery

Success Stories

Gartner recognizes Sweepatic on the Emerging Technologies Vendors List for External Attack Surface Management as a vendor driving the future success of cyber innovation. Learn more about the Sweepatic platform through success stories and real-world examples.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an EASM solution?

An EASM solution offers continuous discovery, analysis, and monitoring of everything connected to your company’s online exposure, including domains, websites, hosts, services, technologies, SSL certificates, and more.
Through real-time discovery, an EASM platform keeps you informed of any changes or issues that may arise in the external attack surface of your organization. With this comprehensive solution at your disposal, you can have peace of mind knowing that your online assets are secure, and your company’s reputation is protected.

What are the benefits of using an EASM solution?

With Outpost24’s EASM platform, you can easily gain situational awareness of all changes in your online attack surface. This means you will be the first to learn about any vulnerability or issue that may encourage cybercriminals.
Our automated solution also enables you to reduce the risk of a cyberattack by identifying and analyzing vulnerable assets in real time, even those you don’t know about. Additionally, our EASM solution continuously scans and prioritizes findings on what to address first through quantitative risk ratings. As a result, it saves valuable time and frees up resources to focus on other tasks.

What is needed to get the Sweepatic EASM platform up and running?

We offer a quick and effortless onboarding process that eliminates the need for any software or agent installation. The platform is cloud-based and easily accessible through a secure login via your internet browser. Our zero-knowledge approach only requires basic information such as the company name or primary domain to get started.
The platform suggests new primary domain candidates and allows for the importing of additional IP addresses, ensuring that the scope remains complete and up-to-date.

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Outpost24 acquires external attack surface management provider Sweepatic to reduce risk exposure of internet facing assets
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​LONDON, UK, 7 June, 2023 – Outpost24, a leading cybersecurity risk management platform, today announced the acquisition of Sweepatic. Based in Leuven (BE), Sweepatic is an innovative external attack surface management (EASM) platform. Gartner identified EASM as a top Security and Risk Management (SRM) trend for 2022. By leveraging their EASMsolution across Outpost24s full-stack security […]
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