The Outpost24 Exposure Management Platform

Continuously monitor your attack surface and proactively remediate what matters most to your organization. The Outpost24 Exposure Management Platform is a single platform for all Outpost24 exposure management offerings. It not only identifies vulnerabilities but also provides actionable insights, allowing you to assess and prioritize threats based on their business impact. Equipped with tailored remediation guidance, the platform aids in informed decision-making and the efficient allocation of security resources.

Exposure management that makes business sense 

Outpost24 delivers a proactive defense against targeted attacks, ensuring full visibility over an evolving attack surface. Our comprehensive solution package enables customers to prioritize their security efforts effectively, utilizing a Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) program, as recommended by Gartner. CTEM is a pragmatic, effective and systemic approach to continuously address and enhance remediation priorities to address the most relevant gaps. This approach helps maintain a strong security posture by adapting to relevant threats as they emerge. Gartner predicts by 2026, organizations that do not prioritize a CTEM approach will be 3x more likely to suffer a breach. 

Continuous Discovery

Discover, track, and map assets connected to your organization.  

Unified Risk View

Consolidate security programs in one interface for a holistic view of risk across your organization.  

Expert Validation

Enhance security measures by incorporating manual testing and real-world attack scenarios with our security experts.  


Outpost24’s Exposure Management Platform can be tailored to the specific needs of your organization while enabling CTEM programs.  

  • External Attack Surface Management (EASM) dashboard for real-time visibility of your attack surface
  • Consistent and clear view of attack service with continuous (non-intrusive) discovery
  • Pen testing integration on discovered assets
  • Workflows to reduce manual coordination of security scans
  • Context-aware risk scoring to prioritize the most business-critical vulnerabilities
  • Intelligence on leaked credentials associated with your domains
  • Simple onboarding without on-premises installation
  • Customizable alerting and reporting capabilities
  • Integrations with Jira, ITSM, SOAR, CAASM for efficient triage and remediation

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Introducing The Outpost24 Exposure Management Platform
Introducing The Outpost24 Exposure Management Platform
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An integrated cybersecurity platform that enables organizations to continuously monitor their attack surface and proactively remediate what matters most to them Today, Outpost24 introduced its exposure management platform alongside plans for its future. The Outpost24 Exposure Management Platform is a single platform for all of the exposure management offerings Outpost24 has today and will add […]
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Hunting ‘unknown-unknowns’ in your attack surface
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