Introducing The Outpost24 Exposure Management Platform

An integrated cybersecurity platform that enables organizations to continuously monitor their attack surface and proactively remediate what matters most to them

Today, Outpost24 introduced its exposure management platform alongside plans for its future. The Outpost24 Exposure Management Platform is a single platform for all of the exposure management offerings Outpost24 has today and will add tomorrow.

With The Outpost24 Exposure Management Platform, organizations can:

  • Gain a consistent and clear view of their attack surface including internal, external and cloud-based apps and infrastructure
  • Lower the chance of a data breach from business-critical applications with deeper and more frequent assessments of discovered assets
  • Minimize exposure windows with automated security assessments of every application and infrastructure asset powered by custom workflows
  • Reduce business risk with prioritization that goes beyond CVSS ratings, through risk scores based on threat-informed exploitability and red team validation
  • Move faster to fix what really matters with a user-friendly interface that enables business priority mapping and APIs that can connect to internal remediation processes and systems

The Outpost24 Exposure Management platform is built to be tailored to what matters most to a specific organization. Powerful protection without the bloat offered with some other platforms, The Outpost24 Exposure Management platform can offer integrated offerings for increased efficiency as well as flexible options that allows organizations to utilize just the solutions that make sense for their needs.

“We are excited about the direction of the Outpost24 platform,” said Karl Thedéen, CEO at Outpost24. “The Outpost24 Exposure Management Platform is a comprehensive solution designed to enhance organizational security postures by addressing the complexity of today’s attack surfaces.”

“Today’s organizations lack visibility into their rapidly expanding attack surfaces, an endless number of vulnerabilities that no organization can ever fully remediate, and disconnected prioritization lists across many tools,” continued Thedéen. “Our platform simplifies the management of security risks by consolidating these efforts into one place, not only improving security postures but also optimizing resource allocation, making it an essential solution for any security-conscious organization.”

Gartner has named Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) as a top trend for 2024. Gartner defines CTEM as a 5-step process that highlights and actively prioritizes the most relevant threats to an organization. Those 5 steps are: Scoping, Discovery, Prioritization, Validation, and Mobilization.

Gartner predicts by 2026, organizations that do not prioritize a CTEM approach will be 3x more likely to suffer a breach.

“Organizations looking to implement a Continuous Threat Exposure Management program are in need of a solution that helps reduce the burden of aligning their security programs along business value and active threat priorities,” shared Brendan Hogan, Chief Strategy Officer at Outpost24. “Our platform is one of the most comprehensive CTEM-enabling solutions on the market. Our customers are very excited about how our platform meets their needs and the direction we are headed.” 

The Outpost24 platform capabilities include:

  • External Attack Surface Management
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Penetration and testing as a service
  • Automated pen testing and red teaming
  • Identity and access management

What’s New Today

With today’s announcement, Outpost24 is also introducing new capability to the existing platform:

  • Workflows to reduce manual coordination of Application Security and Infrastructure tests
  • Pen test requests on discovered assets from the same interface to streamline business-critical application tests
  • Solution packages to enable Continuous Threat Exposure Management programs

Workflows to Reduce Manual Coordination of Security Scans

Workflows enable customers to configure auto-triggered scans between different products.  

A workflow can be used to discover your network assets, those that are active are then passed through for a full vulnerability assessment, and any that are found to be running web applications can then be passed to the DAST (Dynamic App Security Testing) scanner for web application assessment. Finally, reports can then be distributed to the correct people or added to the report library. Workflows also support cloud asset discovery, cloud scanning and Docker scanning.

A customer sets up their first workflow

Pen Test Requests on Discovered Assets in One Place to Streamline Business-Critical App Testing

With today’s announcement, Outpost24 customers can raise PTaaS requests on discovered assets from within the same interface as their attack surface analysis results.

From their list of discovered assets, a customer can view the status of scan requests on each asset

Solution Packages to Enable CTEM Programs

With today’s announcement, Outpost24 is also introducing new solution packages to make it easier for customers who are interested in implementing a CTEM program.

The new solution packages will be available to make it easier to implement multiple offerings from The Outpost24 Exposure Management Platform but standalone products and services remain and will be available to ensure customers can choose exactly what works best for their organizations.

One Platform, One Vision

Today’s announcement is just the start of what’s to come for The Outpost24 Exposure Management Platform.

The future of platform will include:

  • Extended digital risk protection to help customers protect their brands
  • CVE-based threat intelligence that enables further remediation prioritization according to likelihood of an attack rather than CVSS
  • All security service testing in one place to consolidate all exposure assessments initiatives
  • And more

“Today is just the start,” offered Thedéen. “Today’s announcement is not just about technological enhancements; it’s about listening intently to our customers and tailoring solutions that meet their evolving needs. Together, we are shaping a more secure digital future for everyone.”

See How The Outpost24 Exposure Management Platform can work for your organization

Interested in seeing how The Outpost24 Exposure Management Platform can work for your organization? Read more about how the platform can help here.

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