A Strategy to Improve Zero-Day Vulnerability Detection

Your guide to finding the right partner to improve Zero-Day vulnerability detection

Businesses are continuing to grow and investing more in technology stacks, creating more vulnerabilities as cyber criminals look for new risks to exploit. Security leaders are having to take a more strategic approach, especially as digital transformation grows creating demand for zero-day vulnerability detection.

When deciding on a vulnerability management solution, a key consideration must be the time it takes from detection to fixing any critical vulnerability. The less time your company is exposed, the less time the hacker has to exploit that vulnerability. Essentially, having a zero-day vulnerability detection software to spot flaws is essential in minimizing your overall risk exposure.

Download our whitepaper to learn more about:

  • Digital transformation and the factors involved in the rise in vulnerabilities
  • Zero-day timeline and how this impacts the vulnerability management cycle
  • Factors involved when choosing a new vulnerability management partner or vendor
  • Why not all vulnerability scanners are made equal and how to minimize system disruptions
  • How Outpost24 accelerates identification of vulnerabilities with social listening and our unique blueprint technology to reduce your time-to-remediation and risk exposure