Predictive Risk-Based Vulnerability Management Whitepaper

A guide to faster and smarter prioritization and remediation of the biggest vulnerabilities.

Are you struggling to triage through tons of findings to identify the greatest threats and patch more effectively? You are not alone! With speed being the biggest challenge to effectively patch, this whitepaper looks at how existing prioritization works with CVSS scoring and how a risk-based approach with machine learning can be applied to align corporate risk appetite and drive better decision making for optimal efficiency.

Download this whitepaper to learn:

  • The limitations of CVSS in modern-day vulnerability risk prioritization
  • How smart companies are using predictive threat intelligence to stay ahead of the hackers
  • How integrating risk scores into vulnerability data will help you manage risks more effectively to enhance your decision-making power
  • The practical steps to preparing for prioritization and key criteria when choosing a risk-based vulnerability management tool
  • Common use cases and key benefits of adopting a risk-based approach in vulnerability management
  • Useful checklists to get you started on the risk-based journey