The Credential Theft Ecosystem

Credentials are the keys to your organization – learn how to keep them secure.

81% of hacking-related breaches leverage either stolen or weak passwords, and all the security products in the world can’t protect an organization if the criminals have the right key to open the door.

A good credential is the key that opens the door of your infrastructure to cybercriminals.

Understanding the lifecycle of a credential is the first step to closing the door to cybercriminals.

In this report you’ll find detail and guidance on:

  • Tactics, techniques and procedures employed by adversaries to compromise credentials
  • Methods used by cybercriminals to filter, extract and profit from stolen data
  • Advice to industries affected, including IOCs and other intelligence

The faster organizations detect compromised credentials the better. Detecting credentials at an early stage – within days after they are compromised – can massively reduce the impact of an attack.