Web Application Security for Chemical Manufacturing

Analysis of the application attack surface for chemical manufacturers.

The cost of cyber-attack on the manufacturing sector is expected to rise globally to $10.5 Trillion. Manufacturers are increasingly at risk of cyber threat, with recent hits on Toyota supplier Denso and the impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Threat actors are casting their gaze on the sector as the growing complexity of manufacturing technology has led to major security gaps and internet exposure unbeknownst to the defenders.

We used our external attack surface management tool (EASM) to uncover and analyze the internet exposed applications of the top chemical manufacturing organizations in Europe, revealing the most common attack vectors and potential vulnerabilities for exploit. In additional we leveraged threat intelligence tools to reveal other hidden threats such as stolen user passwords, and provides expert guidance on how to limit application risk. 

Key report findings: 

  • 60% of the chemical manufacturers are ‘critically exposed’ with an average attack surface risk score of >30 out of 58.24
  • On average, there are 1,324 internet-exposed applications per manufacturer
  • EU chemical manufacturers run a total of 22,507 web applications over 6,175 domains with 4% considered as suspect and 16% running outdated and vulnerable components
  • Degree of Distribution, Active Content and Cookies are the top 3 attack vectors identified across chemical manufacturing organizations
  • 211 applications with compromised user credentials disclosed – which can be used by threat actors to gain access to the systems or steal sensitive information about intellectual property

Download our 2022 Web Application Security Report for Chemical Manufacturer to get answers to the critical questions surrounding the application attack surface for the manufacturing sector.