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Webinar: Towards Full Stack Security and Prevent Hacker Pivot

12 Sep 2018
Attack surfaces just keep increasing with adoption of new technologies and cloud services. Enterprises need to adopt a full stack security posture to prevent major hacks.
Webinar Full Stack Security


Webinar: Towards Full Stack Security and Prevent Hacker Pivot

There's a target on your company's back. Attackers can use any security exposure in your stack to gain access, build footholds, and laterally move across your systems. To prevent the hacker pivot, you need to understand and correlate the risks across your technology stack and focus on securing weak points that could disrupt your business or compromise your most valuable technology assets.

Key topics covered:
•    Old school – how security technology is designed to create white space
•    Out of the box – how the attacker takes advantage of complexity
•    Brave new world – trends and issues adding to complexity
•    Shifting gears – evolve beyond point assessments to a full stack view
•    Practical experience – real results from real companies
•    Getting started – setting expectations and building a roadmap



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