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Webinar: Tales from the Trenches: Turning DevOps + Security into DevSecOps

20 Nov 2018
DevOps is a revolution starting to deliver. The “shift left” security approach is trying to catch up, but challenges remain. We will go over concrete security approaches and real data that overcome these challenges.

Webinar: Tales from the Trenches: Turning DevOps + Security into DevSecOps

While the average consultant will advise you to “just add a security guy to your DevOps team,” the practical side of reaching the benefits of DevSecOps requires more in-depth thought and effort.

To match the dynamic pace of the “agile” promise, DevOps leaders need to re-evaluate the people, process, and technology that are critical to successful change, combining best continuous security practices with leading development practices.

It takes more than adding “hard to find” security talent to your DevOps team to reach DevSecOps benefits. Our discussion focuses on the practical side and lessons-learned from helping organizations gear up for this paradigm shift.

  • Fundamental differences – creative processes vs. repeatable processes or how to get DevOps to work with Sec guys
  • Taking stock – the origin of a typical security mindset and fostering adoption by DevOps
  • Resistance is futile – defining your future state and milestones to get there or how to get agile in Security
  • Gettin’ it done – practical experience from real practitioners helping enterprises to make the move
  • Bumps in the road – the common (and not so common) obstacles you may hit, and how to overcome them
  • Now what? – how to map out plans once you reach significant milestones

Webinar session - 11:00 AM CEST

Webinar session - 10:30 AM PST

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