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Webinar: Security analytics: what's in a risk score webinar

27 Feb 2019
Security teams are increasingly reliant on data to fine-tune their decision making process and everyday operations, and boy do we get a lot of data thrown at us!
security analytics webinar

However security analytics can be extremely diverse without industry-wide consensus on how the data should be collected, aggregated, analysed and used to counter potential attacks.

In this webinar our security expert will provide an overview of the evolution of security analytics, explain what a risk score means and give you ideas on ways you can make sense of your security data to improve your security posture.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What’s in a risk score? Understand CVSS in its different guises, its benefits and its flaws
  • Why security analytics doesn’t just mean throwing your data into a SIEM
  • Risk-based approach – how to balance your company risk appetite with your risk score
  • Why the future of security analytic goes far beyond a few lists and fancy graphs 

EMEA Webinar - 11:00 AM CET

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