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Webinar: How to secure cloud services in the DevOps fast lane

18 Feb 2021
Cloud services have become a prime target for hackers looking to exploit security gaps in your DevOps workflow. Find out how simple cloud configuration best practices can yield big results for enhanced application security.
how to secure cloud services  

How to secure cloud services in the DevOps fast lane

The acceleration of digital transformation and cloud adoption during the pandemic meant more businesses have moved their development to the cloud. This trend is empowering DevOps to fast-track new technology adoption however at the detriment of security teams, who are struggling to keep up with new security requirements brought on by different cloud services and containerized apps.

A recent CISA report highlights the dangers of bypassing security in cloud development and how poor security configuration practice can significantly increase your risk of cyber-attack. In this webinar we ask – how risky is cloud misconfiguration and what companies should do to harden cloud services and protect their DevOps.

We will cover:

  • Software is eating the world: Organizations moving to cloud services and bringing attackers too
  • DevOps vs security: Balancing enhanced DevOps workflows and cloud security exposure
  • Shared responsibility: Implementing essential cloud security controls across your SDLC
  • Security best practice: Guidance to automate and prevent security policy violations across multiple cloud services
  • Recipe for cloud success: Getting cloud risks under control and meeting CIS compliance
US Session: 18th February 1.00 PM EST

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