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Webinar: API Security 101 and how to secure your web applications

26 May 2021
APIs are a key part of modern web applications and a growing security challenge that isn’t well understood by developers and application security managers, leading to exposed APIs that give hackers access to sensitive data. Find out how to secure your APIs and prevent vulnerabilities from making it into production.

APIs provide a great way for applications to connect services and transfer data. But the downside is that with every API created and consumed – there’s an endpoint that could leave your applications and networks exposed to malicious attacks. With Gartner predicting API abuses to become the most-frequent attack vector by 2022, and API calls now representing 83% of all web traffic – API security is the new web application security.

Join our webinar with APIsec and learn how to embed API security into your application security and DevSecOps program to spot irregularities and apply crucial checks. You’ll learn:

  • What is an API and how they work
  • Fundamentals of API security and the benefits of getting it right
  • How a lack of API testing could introduce security issues and impact your DevOps
  • Real world breaches as a result of poor API security hygiene
  • Demo: How to embed API security testing into the development cycle and ship faster
  • Best practice for building an API security program that scales


Register for US timezone - 26 May 11:00 AM PDT

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