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Webinar: Tips to Protect Your Website in 2021

14 Jan 2021
What eCommerce Companies Need to Know About Website Security in 2021
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Several business and technology trends are emerging or have already taken shape that promise to make 2021 an eventful year for online retailers.

With the retail world now more than ever positioned to favor online transactions, Online shopping has quickly gone from a casual activity to the new normal for retailers to keep their customers engaged and ensure spending habits continue. While malicious online threats have been on the rise, experts predict we haven't seen the worst of it and these malicious threats should not only be something we should expect, but organizations should plan for.

Attend this session and learn:

  • The rise in the risk of web applications
  • What every retailer should know about their attack surface
  • Top attack vectors and risk areas
  • What a real-time demo of a Magecart and Formjacking attacks look like
  • Best practices to ensure your website is safe from these attacks
  • Predictions for the next 12 months

Sign up now and get a free copy of the "Web Application Attack Surface Study for Retail and eCommerce" after the webinar.

9 December: 11:00am ET (4:00pm UK)

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