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Webinar: Differentiating vulnerabilities from risks to reduce time to remediation

24 Mar 2021
Join our webinar as we discuss how to effectively implement a risk-based approach to vulnerability management to drive effective patch management.
reduce time to remediation  

Differentiating vulnerabilities from risks to reduce time to remediation

Struggling to identify which vulnerabilities pose a real threat to your business and what to prioritize? You’re not alone. With thousands of vulnerabilities each day and time to remediation being the #1 challenge, its essential to understand the difference between security risk vs vulnerability to improve remediation decisioning and reduce exposure time.

Join this webinar as we discuss how smart companies are leveraging threat intelligence data for effective vulnerability prioritization to help relieve CVE chaos and mitigate real threats on your organization’s critical assets with greater efficiency.

What you’ll learn:

  • Risk vs vulnerability: understand what’s dangerous and what’s not
  • How to drive effective remediation practice using threat intelligence
  • What’s in a risk score and how to use predictive scoring to identify vulnerabilities that are most likely to be exploited
  • Best practice to implementing a vulnerability prioritization process that fits your operations and deliver security impact
  • Common use cases and success stories

24 March 2:00 PM EDT

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