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Sergio Loureiro, Cloud Security Product Director
Cloud misconfigurations are one of the major causes of data breaches and the problem has become worse thanks to the dash for remote working.

Here at Outpost24, we are pleased to announce our shortlisting in the ‘Best Vulnerability Management Solution’ category at the SC Awards Europe 2021.
In the year that we celebrate Outpost24’s twenty-year anniversary, we are delighted to announce the new CEO appointment
Sergio Loureiro, Cloud Security Product Director
Assisting organizations and security teams get a foothold on their cloud security duties.

Simon Roe, Product Manager Outpost24
Throughout my tenure in cybersecurity, one aspect of digital transformation has repeatedly suffered neglect, writes Simon Roe
Sergio Loureiro, Cloud Security Product Director
The inauguration of Data Protection Day in 2007 signified the importance of securing sensitive information in a world where poor data security hygiene is impacting both enterprises and consumers. Fourteen years on, and the discussion around the use of data and data privacy is more pertinent than ever. For enterprises, the ability to collect and mine data has exploded as business processes are digitalised.
Outpost24’s SaaS platform is well positioned to meet the surge of demand in cloud-based cybersecurity offerings, as companies adapt to remote working and cost saving measures.
The only agents for regulated industries to automate remote vulnerability assessment and meet data sovereign compliance
Stephane Konarkowski, Senior Security Consultant at Outpost24
How might security teams successfully map the entire attack surface of the web application and identify the attack vectors before it’s too late?
New web application security study found US retailers had a larger attack surface, while EU retailers run more outdated services
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