Outpost24 adds Threat Explorer to threat intelligence platform for advanced vulnerability intelligence and exposure time reduction

Philadelphia, PA, November 9, 2023 – Leading cyber risk management and threat intelligence provider Outpost24 today announced the release of Threat Explorer, an advanced vulnerability intelligence and custom alerting tool for continuous threat monitoring. The new module, available as a part of the Threat Compass threat intelligence solution, provides a timely source of vulnerability intelligence, enabling organizations to be alerted on the latest vulnerability exploits and prioritize remediation.

As the threat landscape continues to evolve and cybercrime costs projected to grow ($10.5 trillion annually by 2025), organizations need a better understanding of attacker’s behaviors and potential impact on their business. “Threat Explorer correlates CVEs with affected technologies and systems (CPE), giving customers access to unprecedented insights into vulnerabilities impacting their organizations, with risk-based scoring to comprehend and mitigate the risks they face.” said Brendan Hogan, Chief Strategy Officer at Outpost24. “The Threat Explorer module is a great complement to our cyber threat intelligence solution by providing custom alerting and reporting of system weaknesses that could later become vulnerabilities. Organizations are empowered to proactively counter risks and reduce the window of exposure before they can be exploited.”

Key features in Outpost24 Threat Explorer

With Threat Explorer, organizations can see and manage where they are most vulnerable and prioritize remediation or scan based on risk context and specific systems affecting them. It provides security teams with high fidelity vulnerability intelligence into potential threats and the confidence to make informed remediation decisions:

  • Real-time notifications about newly published CVEs affecting your systems (CPE correlation).
  • Automatic detection of critical threats for targeted vulnerability scanning
  • Remediation prioritization using risk-based scoring by combining CVSS with exploit availability

Threat Explorer is available immediately and delivered by API. For more information and to request a demo, please visit the Threat Intelligence product page.

About Outpost24

Outpost24 helps organizations improve cyber resilience with a complete range of Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) solutions. Our intelligent cloud platform unifies asset management, automates vulnerability assessment, and quantifies cyber risk in business context. Executives and security teams around the world trust Outpost24 to identify and prioritize the most important security issues across their attack surface to accelerate risk reduction. Founded in 2001, Outpost24 is headquartered in Sweden and the US, with additional offices in the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, France, and Spain. Visit https://outpost24.com/ for more information.