Outpost24 Announces Expansion of Penetration Testing Offerings to North America

Pen Testing solutions to empower businesses to proactively address application security vulnerabilities amid surging threats

CHICAGO, October 11, 2022 – Today, Outpost24 announced the introduction of its Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) solutions to the North American market to better empower businesses to understand and address threats in their web application attack surface. Outpost24’s PTaaS solutions provide companies with on-demand, continuous monitoring, ensuring organizations are fully protected against threats in their application attack surface.

Web application attacks accounted for roughly 70% of security incidents in 2021, making application security a top priority. While penetration testing provides an effective way to detect application flaws before they turn into a serious threat, in the always-on economy, traditional penetration testing is no longer enough. Traditional penetration testing solutions often require long and disruptive set-up times and usually only examine a specific and isolated point in time – insufficient when application code changes multiple times per day.

Outpost24’s PTaaS is a modernized approach to penetration testing with continuous, real-time monitoring. Additionally, providing customers with direct access to a team of penetration testers and a knowledge base to address vulnerabilities, it allows IT and development teams to remediate quickly and efficiently, making it well-suited for agile organizations who need a more flexible approach to review and secure web application code at scale.

“In an agile application development cycle, security is imperative – but it can also be a roadblock.” said Eren Cihangir, Product Expert, Outpost24. “Outpost24 is meeting a critical gap in the market by providing ongoing monitoring to secure applications as they evolve while also saving developers time so they can stay focused on their real priority: Innovation.”

Outpost24 PTaaS includes annual or project-based packages depending on an organization’s priorities, including:

  • SWAT: Outpost24’s flagship PTaaS offering that combines continuous monitoring with manual penetration testing to ensure continuous protection for the most prevalent software vulnerabilities
  • Snapshot: A time-boxed PTaaS offering that provides on-demand penetration testing and deep analysis of web applications with expert validation, support, and re-testing services for 30 days

For more information about Outpost24’s PTaaS offerings contact us today.

About Outpost24

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