Outpost24 Enhances Attack Surface Management with Manual Rescanning

Philadelphia, PA, 22nd April – Outpost24, a leading provider of cyber threat exposure management solutions, is pleased to announce the addition of manual asset rescans to its External Attack Surface Management (EASM) platform. This enhancement enables EASM customers to re-check the status of recently updated assets, providing flexibility around asset management tasks outside of automated and continuous scanning. Manual rescanning enables customers to check the status of websites, domains and subdomains and track observations on demand.

Manual scans can be initiated with just a few clicks and the results and status of the manual scans can be accessed from a new dashboard view in near real-time.

Manual rescan dashboard view

This new functionality gives customers additional security controls to detect new risks for complete peace of mind. Additional benefits of manual rescanning include:

  • Up-to-date results: Manual rescanning ensures that you obtain the latest information about the security of specific assets within your attack surface. This leads to more accurate and up-to-date results, enabling you to verify remediation steps and maximize efficiency.
  • Improved prioritization: With the ability to choose which assets to rescan, you can concentrate your analysis on business-critical assets, enabling you to prioritize security efforts and allocate resources efficiently. This ensures prompt identification and resolution of vulnerabilities, enhancing overall security measures.
  • Enhanced visibility: Select the timing and specific assets to rescan enabling you to proactively manage your external attack surface, respond swiftly to emerging threats, and maintain a robust security posture.
  • Focused remediation: Make better informed remediation decisions with improved visibility and tracking of security issues to reduce exposure time and address upcoming exposures in your attack surface.

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