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British organisations are more mindful about keeping their cyber-world safe.
While 56 percent of UK companies have hired an outside organisation to undertake penetration tests to judge the security of their network, only 17 percent of US companies have done the same.
Martin Jartelius
The UK government has launched a new cybersecurity standard designed to set a baseline of mandatory security outcomes for all departments. The Minimum Cyber Security Standard announced this week presents a minimum set of measures which all government departments will need to follow, although the hope is that they will look to exceed these at all times. Martin Jartelius commented below.
Dixons Carphone is investigating a breach involving millions of customer payment cards and personal data records. The firm has revealed details of an attempt by hackers to gain access to one of the processing systems in July 2017. The processing system in question contained details of 5.9m payment cards. Dixons Carphone said there was no evidence of fraud as a result of the incident and added that it was working with leading cybersecurity experts to examine and strengthen its systems.
Survey shows IT professionals believe they can successfully infiltrate any organization using one of four key attack vectors
BAE Systems’ cyber division expands MSSP portfolio with Netsec, Cloudsec, and Appsec services built on the flexibility of Outpost24 solutions
More than one in four security professionals at enterprises receive over a million security alerts every single day, which not only makes it impossible for them to analyse each of them but also to separate critical security incidents from hundreds of thousands of false positives.
As companies incorporate countless internet-connected devices in their networks, the problem is only going to get worse. Discover how quickly companies said they patch vulnerabilities in their computer systems from Outpost24 survey of 155 security professionals at the RSA Conference in San Francisco in April 2018
Martin Jartelius
Security experts give their views on what final checks businesses should be doing on the eve of the General Data Protection Regulation compliance deadline, while a survey reveals almost half of Brits have not heard of it
Martin Jartelius
Cross site scripting vulnerabilities are easy to exploit. The best way to prevent exploitation is by applying input and output sanitation as well as ensuring the security basics are carried out.
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