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Pen Testing solutions to empower businesses to proactively address application security vulnerabilities amid surging threats
Stolen user logins and passwords pertaining to the world’s largest companies are exposed and traded by cybercriminals on the open, deep and dark web
UK’s Linde and Johnson Matthey among companies running vulnerable web apps in Outpost24’s Attack surface benchmark for Chemical Manufacturers report
Simon Roe, Product Manager Outpost24
Simon Roe, Application Security Product Manager at the cloud and wireless threat detection platform Outpost24 looks at ransomware and how to protect your business.

A significant 90% of web applications used by US healthcare operators are highly susceptible to attack or vulnerability exposure - more than EU counterparts
Outpost24 research reveals EU pharmaceutical companies including Valium producer, Roche Pharmaceuticals, vaccine manufacturer Sanofi and COVID-19 Vaccine creators AstraZeneca all showed web application vulnerabilities
Outpost24, an innovator in full stack cybersecurity assessment, today announced the acquisition of Specops Software, a leading provider of password management and user authentication solutions headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.
Simon Roe, Product Manager Outpost24
Simon Roe at Outpost24 shares his insights on why the ransomware threat is growing and how to protect your organisation from it
Read the interview of our Network and Wireless Security Product Manager from Threat Technology
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