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Stephane Konarkowski, Senior Security Consultant at Outpost24
Navigating the murky world of modern web applications can be a minefield from a cybersecurity standpoint. Many of these critical applications contain a labyrinth of layers, and if not designed with security in mind, they can be a breeding ground for vulnerabilities.

The prestigious CREST accreditation confirms Outpost24’s place as a trusted provider with elite standards in web application penetration testing
Container inspection helps DevOps automate checks for security vulnerabilities in Docker registries at scale before deployment to ensure safer and faster release in the SDLC.
Stephane Konarkowski, Senior Security Consultant at Outpost24
Complex is a term that is often used to describe the technological make up of modern web applications. They are like onions, made up of intricate layers where, if not designed or secured appropriately, can foster many critical vulnerabilities. Therefore, it’s necessary for organisations to know the key attack vectors and system entry points used by the modern hacker to better understand their overall attack surface, writes Stephane Konarkowski, Senior Security Consultant at the cyber security and vulnerability assessment firm Outpost24.
Hugo van der Toorn, manager offensive security at Outpost24
Clothing retailer Monsoon Accessorize has been using VPN servers that have critical vulnerabilities, putting it at risk of hacking or ransomware attack, according to an analysis by VPNpro.

Outpost24’s continuous pen test capabilities further enhance BPS’s security offering by bringing next generation security testing for government and highly regulated Industries
Agent-based scanning helps organizations automate remote vulnerability assessment and enhance long term workforce security
With BYOD already a growing problem for enterprises, the number of IoT devices is expected to rise to 20.4 billion worldwide, which will notably increase an organisation’s overall attack surface.
Security leader provides complimentary assessments and discounted testing packages to help businesses improve security postures and reduce risks of attacks
Internet of Evil Things Survey reveals more than two-thirds are not regularly monitoring for security vulnerabilities on wireless devices
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