cyber security prediction 2024
The scope of cybersecurity in 2024: Predictions from the...
Application Security
Outpost24’s security experts predict the emerging threats that will shape the cybersecurity landscape in 2024
http2 downgrading request smuggling
Request smuggling and HTTP/2 downgrading: exploit walkthrough
Application Security
Detailed overview and real-world exploit of request smuggling vulnerability from HTTP/2 downgrading.
traditional pen testing
Can traditional pen testing keep up with modern AppSec?...
Application Security
A pen tester’s perspective on the most common issues with vulnerability scanning and traditional pen testing of modern web apps.
Broken access control vulnerabilities and why scanners can’t detect...
Application Security
Examples of broken access control vulnerabilities and why they remain present even after vulnerability scans and assessments.
HTTP request smuggling
Using HTTP request smuggling to hijack a user’s session...
Application Security
In this blog, one of our Application Security Auditors takes a look at the new HTTP request vulnerability, gives a...