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The Wakanda Platform is a fully integrated application Platform-as-a-Service (aPaaS) for web and mobile application development. Run on Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), the platform allows developers to design, build, and publish enterprise-oriented applications, and access these complex applications through a web browser, tablet, or smartphone.

Industry: Software Development Services      Customer Since: 2014      Products: EWP

Tackling the PaaS security challenge

Wakanda provides an end-to-end application platform with an easy to use graphical development environment to help companies and developers take advantage of modern web technologies. It pre-integrates all the tools for application development whilst masking the complexity of the infrastructure management and its deployment, and that includes security.

To ensure their customers can deliver not only great but secured applications for their businesses, Wakanda turns to Outpost24’s innovative cloud security solution to integrate security into their platform.

Using Outpost24, Wakanda is able to continuously assess and monitor their cyber exposure, and apply CIS (Centre for Internet Security) and CSA (Cloud Security Alliance)’s security best practice for AWS. The vulnerability assessment tools allow Wakanda to identify their security weakness proactively, so vulnerabilities such as Heartbleed, a bug in the widely used SSL library, can be mitigated before their customers can be affected.


Also, performance is crucial in application development. With Outpost24’s unique clone technology, the impact of vulnerability scans is kept to a minimum without affecting performance. Outpost24’s Cloud Security solution automates vulnerability, and misconfiguration analysis on different infrastructures (Private, public, hybrid, and multi-Cloud), thus saving valuable time, by identifying potential security flaws on all components of the Wakanda platform and providing a complete picture of their attack surface. Wakanda is then able to use these results to guide the remediation effort.

Understanding that security is a continuous process - and not a one-time task, is the first key to the PaaS security project achievement. With Outpost24, Wakanda can focus on risk prevention through the correction of upstream vulnerabilities and adherence of AWS, CIS, and CSA best practices, which significantly reduce the attack surface and improve the platform's security standards.

Outpost24 is a member of AWS Partner Network since 2011.

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“Outpost24’s expertise, both in matters of AWS security best practices and technologies, was invaluable to help us meet the security challenges of our PaaS and establish a solid foundation to secure our Wakanda platform.”

Samir Salibi, CMO at Wakanda

About Wakanda

Wakanda was founded in 2014 to help customers accelerate the digital transformation. Their Digital App Factory revolutionizes the production, deployment and maintenance processes of omnichannel mobile services that are set to explode by 2020, and offers an open source and a corporate version of its platform available on the cloud and on premises.

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