Case Study: Kneat Solutions

About the customer 

Kneat Solutions, founded in Ireland more than 15 years ago, has grown into a global company with offices worldwide. Specializing in serving customers in highly regulated industries such as pharma, biotech, and medical devices, Kneat provides a versatile SaaS validation platform. This platform enables their customers to transition from a paper-based validation process to one that is end-to-end digital. 

We sat down with Brian Ahearne, Chief Information Officer at Kneat who is responsible for overseeing IT operations, cybersecurity, and compliance. Brian ensures that the organization complies with ISO27000 standards, and his top priority is safeguarding both customer and internal data, aligning with GDPR, and protecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII).  






Outscan SWAT Red Teaming

Implementing Outpost24 solutions to bolster cyber security hygiene

Kneat has utilized Outpost24’s Continuous Pen Testing, Network Security and Red Teaming services since 2018, to monitor for vulnerabilities across their infrastructure and external facing assets.  

Kneat started using HIAB internally and then transitioned to Outscan, to secure their decentralized workforce during the pandemic. Brian comments, Outscan is instrumental for scanning and protecting our SaaS product, and SWAT application testing is conducted during new product releases.” 

To ensure the ongoing security of Kneat and its products, Kneat engages penetration testing services and utilizes the expertise of the Red Team from Outpost24. Brian states, We actively participate in manual testing during major releases, ensuring a robust security posture. The shift to a hybrid work model prompted us to engage Outpost24 for assessing the security of our O365 portal configuration.” 

“Our trust in Outpost24 testing solutions means we can be confident that security is a top priority while maintaining our focus on achieving our growth targets.” 

“Outpost24’s automated application security testing supports the detection of potential vulnerabilities, where further testing and training can be focused as needed. The integration of Outpost24 enables us to have a comprehensive view of our security landscape.”

Brian Ahearne | Chief Information Officer

Continuous application security testing to support business growth 

The Kneat SaaS Operations team maintain security best practice without impeding day-to-day operations, through implementation of continuous application security testing from Outpost24. The SaaS Operations and Software Development teams proactively address any potential vulnerabilities without impacting the development and deployment processes.

Utilizing Outpost24’s security solutions enable Kneat to take a proactive approach and instils a security-first culture across the organization.

Benefits of using Outpost24 

For Kneat, compliance is not just about ticking boxes but ensuring robust security practices across the organization to support long term growth. Brian comments, “Outpost24’s automated vulnerability scanning and penetration testing solutions are key components in protecting our stakeholder data and demonstrating compliance.” Kneat utilizes the in-depth reports generated by Outpost24, summarizing findings in a risk-based manner, and providing actionable remediation plans.

“Having these reports from Outpost24 to hand during customer audits enable us to demonstrate to our customers that their data is secure.”

 Brian Ahearne | Chief Information Officer

Future plans with Outpost24 

Kneat is investigating incorporating Threat Intelligence capabilities from Outpost24 in 2024 into their cybersecurity arsenal. Brian comments, “This expansion aligns with our commitment to staying ahead in the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape and having visibility of present and future threats. Outpost24 plays a key role in our cybersecurity strategy, providing a comprehensive suite of services that align with our commitment to security, compliance, and customer trust.”