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A major US sports organization responsible for running live sporting events to thousands of spectators, media, sponsors and TV audiences worldwide leverages Pwn Pulse to secure its wireless airspace, an often overlooked attack surface, at its sold-out stadium events every season.



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Sporting events a growing target for cyber attack

Cybersecurity has been a long-standing concern for sporting events, with the 2018 Winter Olympic cyberattack in South Korea as a prime example for large scale disruption. With increased connectivity and use of technology, it opens the wireless network up to more vulnerabilities.

Professional sports league events in the US draw in a large fanbase and gross millions of dollars of revenue in sponsorship and TV deals. If large-scale live broadcasting was disrupted or confidential information, such as scores and credit card details were exploited through rogue access points during the event this could spell catastrophe, and cause significant financial and reputational damage for players, sponsors and the national sporting body themselves. As this association is responsible for vast amounts of revenue, that’s attributed to each event, it’s critical that they can secure and monitor every wired and wireless device in and around the stadium for potential threats.

Eliminating wireless security blind spots for security teams

They chose Pwn Pulse to help protect their wireless airspace at special events, as hackers often use wireless access points to mimic well-known networks at big events. using the same branding and messaging to trick spectators into joining their rogue network and handing over their critical information including; personal data, credit card information and even never before seen photos of players during game time, which could be worth millions of dollars post event in the national press.

The value of IP being protected by Pwn Pulse is vast and encompasses different elements of the event from players to scoring. The security team utilize Pwn Pulse as it’s easily transportable to each event, simple to deploy and is immediately effective in detecting rogue access points across vast distances (up to 50 metres) around the stadiums including players and press hotels and score boards. Pwn Pulse limits the stress on security teams managing live events, by easily detecting unauthorized access through the live interface.

Never miss a threat with Pwn Pulse

During the event which can span over several days, the security teams use the Pwn Pulse custom notifications to be alerted to unauthorized wireless access points. This allows them to react quickly to cyber criminals who could be imitating their organization’s network and they can take fast and necessary action to protect key stakeholders and secure the event. This is an incredibly valuable tool as the team feel confident their wireless airspace is always monitored for illicit activity across the location, which significantly reduces the cyber risk during a large-scale event.

Pwn Pulse is distributed throughout the stadium including nearby hotels where players and press are staying, IT rooms and scoring boxes – securing precious IP across all locations surrounding the event. The Pwn Pulse has a 50-meter range, so even the largest scale gatherings are protected from hackers. For the security team, the Pwn Pulse is flexible and easy to use and allows them to secure the stadium and supports the delivery of an unforgettable event, which grosses millions of dollars.

Don’t leave your wireless security to chance

If you run or are involved in large scale sporting events you should consider using Pwn Pulse in your location or office to prevent cyber criminals from hacking into your airspace, which could lead to damaged IP and loss in revenue. Why take the risk? Pwn Pulse will protect you from a potential Wi-Fi or wireless breach by giving you back control by staying ahead of hackers.

Our wireless security solution provides full threat detection of billions of wireless and wired devices in and around your airspace. By automating wireless threat detection with vulnerability assessment, our integrated security solution continuously detects the devices and your network vulnerabilities that are open pathways for attackers. We arm your security team to win the BYOD battle with the ability to detect and fingerprint any device, in order to prioritize your security response, reduce alert fatigue, and provide situational intelligence.