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PCI compliance and web application testing

Established in 2005 with a focus on global mail forwarding, Private Box has now added services such as mail scanning, cheque processing, Phone and Virtual Office services. They have become the leader in New Zealand by making it easy for you to run your business remotely.

Industry: Online postal service    Employees: 4    Customer Since: 2014    Products: OUTSCAN PCI, SWAT

What was the business need that drove you to investigate Outpost24’s solutions?

This was two-fold. First we receive payment via credit card from our customers so we needed to be PCI compliant and second, our current PCI scanning service was expensive so we started looking around for other options. It was after we had started down the PCI scanning route our account manager suggested trialling SWAT.

“... we are paying Outpost24 to hack our systems, but this is done in a controlled way. This is priceless for us.”

Why choose SWAT over traditional penetration testing?

There were a few good reasons for this. One - we are a small company and believe in continuous development & innovation. This means we are releasing new code in the wild on a weekly basis. We hold the security of our customers information at the very core of what we do and with multiple developers working on our code base we needed a way to be certain that no security holes were being introduced by accident.

Secondly - we needed our web application to be tested thoroughly from the point of view of a hacker (how would I get information from this system). This is what SWAT gives us - we are paying Outpost24 to hack our systems, but this is done in a controlled way. This is priceless for us.

How has this improved your work processes?

It means we are confident building new code and releasing fast. This gives us an edge over our competitors.

How does Outpost24 contribute to the success of your business?

To get your customers trust is a very difficult thing to attain. And once you have it - it is very easy to lose again! We are building secure systems that improve our customers lives and protects their privacy. This is the core of our success.

Download Privatebox case study (PDF)

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