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KunstaPro Oy

Providing a cost efficient solution for proactively managing vulnerabilities

KuntaPro Oy, located in Finland, is a company owned by its public sector customers. KuntaPro Oy provides high quality support services for local government and public healthcare organizations. Those service include several outsourcing services, like financial management, HR management, IT services and procurement services.

Industry: Management Services    Employees: 260    Customer Since: 2014    Products: HIAB

Did you have any similar solutionin place before making partnership with Outpost24?

KuntaPro Oy used another third party vendor but was not satisfied with the functionalities of the solution.

“...when releasing new services Outpost24 will help us to verify and secure that all new functionality is secure and up to date with all security patches.”

Why did you choose Outpost24?

KuntaPro needed a solution for proactively managing vulnerabilities on systems and networks. After proof of concept KuntaPro was convinced of the capabilities of HIAB and the simplicity of deployment. Due to the cost efficiency of the HIAB KuntaPro decided to go ahead and deploy it.

Which benefits have your vulnerability management program brought to you?

With HIAB, KuntaPro is able to maintain vulnerability status information of the network, including all the devices in the network. Using that information KuntaPro has greatly improved possibility to remove or fix vulnerabilities in various devices before they will be exploited. All this leads to a better vulnerability management and ultimately to a more secure network.

What are the main benefits for KuntaPro in using the internal network security solution, HIAB?

  • HIAB provides a scanning platform with an user friendly management interface.
  • Easy to use and technical detail level of the reports is sufficient.
  • Deployment is easily done (no agents or client software to install) and HIAB does not interfere with production systems while it is scanning network.
  • Cost efficiency

What is the outcome?

HIAB allows KuntaPro proactively to find and report vulnerabilities and plan vulnerability management and actions for remidiation.

Download KunstaPro Oy case study (PDF)

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