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Inkling was founded in San Francisco with a vision to reinvent the way knowledge is created and shared. As the industry’s leading cloud publishing platform, Inkling makes it possible to create beautiful, interactive content and share it securely with customers, employees, or partners, across all devices, anywhere in the world.

Industry: Online Publishing    Employees: 51-200    Customer Since: 2015    Products: SWAT, OUTSCAN

Inkling Challenge

Why did you choose Outpost24?

Having been a long time customer of Outpost24 (5 years at the company where I worked before) and seeing the improvements that were made over the past year, it really was a no brainer. Outpost24 provides a blend of automated scanner with human verification at 30% less than its competitors, with a better product.

“Outpost24 provides a blend of automated scanner with human verification at 30% less than its competitors, with a better product.”

What main benefits were you looking for?

I like to perform continuous scanning with actionable results that my organization can take appropriate action with. Outpost24 provides us quality results that we can depend on. Our reports don’t see massive amounts of false positives. Another benefit is that I can guide our developer teams to Outpost24 for questions or assistance on how to resolve the vulnerabilities.

How has SWAT helped you achieve this?

Outpost24 met the requirements for what we required from a vulnerability scanning tool. Along with their dedicated support team which sits behind the product ensured that Outpost24 was the ideal choice for Inkling.

How did Outpost24 perform in solving these issues?

The SWAT team has brought a new level of service to us, which provides us the knowledge and support to achieve our goals. I can be assured that the results obtained by the SWAT team are accurate and actionable. I can also connect the development teams to the SWAT members if there are questions or concerns.

How has this optimized your company’s resource use?

I don’t have to hire full time pen testers nor do I have to install on premise scanners. Not only that, I can share the results with our customers as a 3rd party assessor.

How has this improved your company’s security?

Previously our company was performing pen tests every year and correcting the vulnerabilities at that time. The remainder of the year we were vulnerable. Now the company has real-time data that can be leveraged to close the vulnerability gap.

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