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Solving dynamic security needs

Callcredit Information Group is expert in managing consumer data for businesses across every sector, from financial services, retail and utilities to public sector, telecoms, insurance and many more. Their customers include many of the UK's leading companies, including all of the clearing banks, several major international lenders, media communications businesses, and petroleum, automotive, power and retail organisations.

Industry: Information Services    Employees: 1200+    Customer Since: 2008    Products: HIAB, OUTSCAN, OUTSCAN PCI

What needed to be solved?

We needed a vulnerability scanning solution that met the dynamic security needs of Callcredit Information Group. With a large volume of scans required we needed the ability to identify areas of concern easily and be in a position to manage this by utilising the alerting and reporting functions available within the product. It was also a requirement for Callcredit that we chose an Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) for our PCI DSS scans of which Outpost24 are.

“Outpost24 in a league of their own in the vulnerability scanning arena”

What solutions did Callcredit use before choosing Outpost24?

Callcredit trialled several solutions prior to deciding on Outpost24 in order to compare functionality, ease of use, reporting capabilities, alerting and accuracy of vulnerabilities identified.

Why was Outpost24 chosen as the supplier to address these challenges?

Outpost24 met the requirements for what we required from a vulnerability scanning tool. Along with their dedicated support team which sits behind the product ensured that Outpost24 was the ideal choice for Callcredit.

How did Outpost24 perform in solving these issues?

Outpost24 have a fantastic support team who are always on hand to answer questions or help with issues. Throughout the time we have been using Outpost24 we have had several visits from our assigned account manager who on occasions have been accompanied by representatives from their technical support team to provide onsite help and support providing effective assessment on how we are utilising Outpost24 and its specific features to the best of our advantage. In our opinion this is over and above the usual service levels expected and puts Outpost24 in a league of their own in the vulnerability scanning arena.

What are the main benefits Callcredit has experienced from using Outpost24’s solutions?

Using Outpost24 has allowed us to set up a robust vulnerability programme of work and integrate it with our SIEM technology allowing us to react to as soon as they are discovered.

Download Callcredit case study (PDF)

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