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Customers around the world trust Outpost24 to assess their devices, networks, applications, cloud and containers to minimize risks and report compliance status 

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"Continuous vulnerability management and application security are key to our success. I recommend Outpost24 to anyone looking to gather valuable data of their attack surface. Being able to identify vulnerabilities automatically has been particularly beneficial in pandemic times and supports our growth into 2021 and beyond."

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Customers Success Stories

Find out how we have helped our customers improve their security posture and prevent major hacks

P&V Group

Increase security maturity and maintaining compliance for the insurance group

Royal Horticultural Society

Securing the remote workforce and infrastructure with Outpost24

NZZ Media Group

Solving the security challenge of digital transformation for one of the most prestigious Swiss media groups

Ciena Healthcare

Securing Protected Health Information (PHI) and Medical Devices with Pulse

Cezanne HR

HR SaaS for hundreds of organizations around the globe

National Sporting Association

Protecting sporting events worth millions of dollars from cybercriminals


Protecting and securing a fast-growing web-based application business


Solving dynamic security needs

Komplett Group

Securing ecommerce operations and meeting PCI compliance


Providing real-time vulnerability data

KuntaPro Oy

Providing a cost efficient solution for proactively managing vulnerabilities


Increasing the security level for financial flow and sensitive data


PCI compliance and web application testing


Providing a secured application development platform on AWS


Enhancing network security with Outpost24 to deliver secured IT operation services


Securing the online business for one of the Nordic's largest suppliers of office supplies, electronics and warehouse equipment


Securing Icelands largest bank from scanning to business risk management


PCI Scanning with easy to approach solutions

"Continuous and automated vulnerability scanning from Outpost24 helps the security team at NZZ to spot security anomalies and triage them for remediation in a proactive manner. Without their tools, we wouldn’t have the level of visibility and insights into imminent threats that could disrupt our high demand media operations.”

Erich Giesinger, Head of Web Services and Internet Security at NZZ Media Group

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