Security Awareness Training

Empower your workforce to fend off phishing and malware attempts with a complete security awareness training platform. Improve your organization’s security resilience with interactive training designed to maximize learning. Stay up-to-date against emerging threats with our cloud-based solution that can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Cybersecurity awareness training

AwareGo, our Security Awareness Training Partner

With most data breaches attributed to human error, it is more important than ever to take control, and enable employees to spot the telltale signs of cybercrime activity. Through our partnership with AwareGo, we offer a complete and curated training program. Schedule training, measure progress, and manage risk from assessment to remediation.

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Train your employees to become vigilant against suspicious phishing emails and attachments. Cover the most common dangers of email and internet correspondence such as social media and online shopping.

remote work

Remote Work

Better understand the threats from remote working and how to mitigate risks including home Wi-Fi and Zoom-bombing. Educate staff on the importance of password security and how to stay protected against adversaries.

data protection

Data Protection

Enable your staff and managers to understand the common ways data can be leaked including ransomware, and how to prevent it. Keep GDPR compliance and data protection top of mind when handling sensitive or confidential data.

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What is DORA? How to prepare your business for compliance
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Vulnerability prediction insights from Outpost24 on Smashing Security
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