Vulnerability prediction insights from Outpost24 on Smashing Security

Carole Theriault from Smashing Security had a sit down with John Stock, our Director of Product Management here at Outpost24. In this episode, John shares valuable insights on the increasing threats organizations face in remote work environments and discusses the need for visibility and control over network assets. Additionally, he sheds light on how, with Outpost24’s Vulnerability Prediction Technology (VPT) and a clear understanding of risk appetite, organizations can effectively prioritize their cybersecurity efforts and safeguard their assets.

Some highlights include:

  • The changing landscape of cybersecurity and implications of remote work environments on organizational security
  • Challenges faced due to the decentralization of network assets and the importance of network visibility
  • The evolving nature of asset management in modern organizations
  • Outpost24’s Vulnerability Prediction Technology (VPT), and how it addresses the limitations of CVSS scores in assessing vulnerabilities
  • How to leverage threat intelligence for real-world risk assessments
  • How to prioritize vulnerabilities based on potential impact and exploitability
  • The importance of balancing risk management and the pursuit of business goals

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