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Cybersecurity awareness training

Build a security first culture and empower your workforce to fend off phishing and malware attempts with complete security awareness training

Security awareness training that employees will love

Security awareness training is an effective way to empower your staff and educate them on cyber security best practice to reduce the risk of data breach and ensuring security teams are alerted to any cyber misdemeanors early. Our security awareness training is the complete solution to improve security resilience throughout your organization through bitesize video content, ensuring your business is protected against the latest cyber attack techniques for compliance anytime and anywhere.

Ransomware, phishing, website spoofing.

With most data breaches attributed to human error it’s important for management to take control and empower staff to act and spot the telltale signs of cybercrime activity. Whether it’s from spotting a suspicious email or how we communicate online, your staff should be aware of the latest hacking techniques to reduce your front-line risk and remain compliant.

With more staff than ever working from home away from the secure office environment and firewalls, it’s essential for businesses to implement company wide security awareness training to prevent your employees from being targeted by hackers and reaching your crown jewels. 

Phishing and email security
  • Train your employees to become vigilant against suspicious phishing email and attachments
  • Cover the most common dangers of email and internet correspondence such as social media and online shopping
Remote working security
  • Better understand the threats from remote working and how to mitigate risks including home wifi and Zoom-bombing 
  • Educate staff on the importance of password security and how to secure against adversaries 
Data protection
  • Enable your staff and managers to understand the common ways data can be leaked including ransomware and how to prevent it
  • Keep GDPR compliance and data protection top of mind when handling sensitive or confidential data
Turn employees into security champions

Crafted by experts to inform and enhance security awareness, our interactive training is easy to understand and designed to create safer cyber habits and online behavior from onboarding and beyond

Sector and role based training

Sector-based training addressing the unique cyber threats for finance, healthcare, and higher education. Alongside role-based training for executives and managers to lead with a strong security mindset

Identify the weak links

Engage your team with real life examples to help them recognize cyber threats, and identify vulnerable groups and high risk behavior across employee base

Multilingual support for enterprises

The 65 video lessons and 19 ready-made security training programs are available in 12+ languages for global enterprises with international teams

Interactive and fully integrated

Our security awareness solution can fit into any training program through easy integration with SharePoint, Slack and other LMS for effective planning and delegation in the roll out

Security compliance ready

Security awareness training is a key requirement for meeting ISO, PCI, HIPAA or SOX compliance. Our training helps demonstrate a robust security culture that your customers can trust

“Very easy to use and also easy to setup teams with different kind of programs. Nice and short movies over the subject and therefore very usable.” 

Edwin van Hierden, ICT management and Fulfillment DaklaPack Europe B.V.

Empower your human firewall to protect your organization

As technology and working practices evolve, so do your adversaries, Arm your team with the security knowhow to spot common signs of opportunistic hackers and protect your organization against cyber security threats from phishing, ransomware and tailgating, at scale.

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cybersecurity awareness training

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