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Managed Service

Don't let security testing put a strain on your resources. Outsource your cyber  hygiene with fast deployment and fully managed service to maximize efficiency

Reduce overheads without increase risks


There's no time to waste once you've made the investment. We help cut deployment time in half and ensure best practice implementation of our tools to get you up and running quickly


When resources are tight your time is valuable. Outsource the daily tasks of scan management, vulnerability validation and reporting to our experts so you can focus on more important matters


Whether you are looking to mature your security program or drive greater efficiency, we offer the support and guidance to optimize your operation and accelerate your security roadmap

Remove the bottleneck with high availability services 

When budget and resource are tighten it's easy to let your guard down and increase security risks. Our Managed Services act as an extension of your security team, providing the skills and knowledge around the clock to improve the efficiency of your security programs at a reduced cost.

network security managed services

Managed Vulnerability Management

Best practice set-up, configuration and implementation of Outpost24 HIAB and Outscan to ensure your network is monitored and secured, and remains compliant.

cloud security managed services

Managed Cloud Security Assessment

Continuously monitor your cloud configuration and workloads across public clouds and get notified of any high risk vulnerabilities with actionable advice and remediation best practice.

web application security managed services

Managed Application Security Testing

Fully managed application scanning service plus expert analysis of web app vulnerabilities that you can act on to prioritize remediation and expedite DevOps security at scale.

pci compliance managed services

Expert Deployment for Vulnerability Management

Shorten the deployment time for your vulnerability solution. We remove the burden to ensure the solutions are deployed to suit your business and according to best practice.

Save time and effort with services that you can trust

Expert deployment get your solution and your team up and running quickly with best suited deployment and configurations to fit your business needs.

Standard solution is great for organizations looking to get the basic parameters of a security testing program in place and outsource daily management

Advanced solution combines best practice set up, configuration and implementation with expert analysis of scan results to give you a firm understanding of the finding and remediation next steps

Custom solution is made for organizations with a complex IT set up and widespread geographic distribution with matured program and unique security goals to meet

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Managed Services case study

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Managed Services Datasheet

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