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Cloud and Container Security Assessment

Cloud services and containers are prime targets for attackers. Secure your multi-cloud migration and harden DevOps containers with automated scanning

Defend against cloud security threats and misconfigurations

IaaS security

As organizations migrate to the cloud and realize cost saving, it’s important to ensure essential security controls and compliance standards are maintained. Cloudsec Inspect ensures you are fully protected and maintains your shared responsibility in the public clouds through auto discovery of cloud assets and continuous assessment against CIS benchmarks and workloads

container security

Application containers enable DevOps to package, deploy and manage applications in unprecedented ways but they can introduce new security challenges. Use our automated solution to continuously identify security vulnerabilities and harden your Docker and Kubernetes containers across the SDLC to prevent sensitive information from being exposed.

Cloud security assessment tools that you can trust

Organizations are increasing their reliance on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud to deliver cost effective infrastructure. Our cloud security solution not only help address your migration to the cloud in a secure way, it continuously monitor your multi- and hybrid environment for any IT misconfigurations and compliance issues.

Built for any cloud infrastructure

Cloudsec Inspect is a consolidated, scalable solution that helps organizations automate the security of IaaS, virtual machines and firewalls. It provides full visibility of cloud infrastructures through detailed records and assessment to improve your risk posture and vulnerability exposure.

AWS logo Outpost24 cloud security product

Cloud Security for AWS

Do not assume that your cloud computing services from AWS include comprehensive security or automatic protection. They don’t.  Outpost24 Cloudsec Inspect continuously monitors your AWS environment for IaaS security compliance and vulnerabilities – checking new assets, tracking any shadow IT and detecting any misconfiguration.

Azure logo Outpost24 cloud security product

Cloud Security for Azure

If you deploy applications and data in cloud infrastructures, you are responsible for the security of your workloads.  Outpost24 combines cloud workload analytics with vulnerability assessment to monitor every component of your owned and Azure infrastructure 24/7 for the latest vulnerabilities against security best practices.

Docker logo Outpost24 cloud security product

Container Security for Docker

The adoption of containers for packaging and delivering applications revolutionize software development. Although containers are isolated, they share the same Operating System, binaries and libraries with other platforms and applications. Cloudsec Inspect for Docker hardens container engine configuration and secures access to those applications.  

Three reasons to book a cloud security demo

cloud security

Built for hybrid cloud. Assess your cloud and owned infrastructure together for a secure cloud migration

single platform

Multi-cloud ready. Monitor all of your cloud services from AWS, Azure, Google Cloud to Docker and Kubernetes in a single platform to simplify security controls

devops security

Made for agile DevOps. Harden your container and protect your assets with image inspection

Outpost24 helps to foster trust in public cloud platforms by empowering customers to tighten their security, so reducing risks for ASP Serveur because we are in a multi-tenant infrastructure

ASP server

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