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Multi-cloud and container security assessment

Cloud services and containers are prime targets for attackers. Secure your multi-cloud migration and harden DevOps containers with automated scanning

Securing public clouds: an enterprise perspective whitepaper

We share expert insights and provide guidance on securing infrastructure-as-a-service and the risks associated with shared responsibility and multi-cloud management. We highlight the challenges of misconfiguration and how to overcome these by utilizing automated cloud security solutions to save time and effort.

Multi-cloud and container security assessment tools you can trust
Single solution for multi-and-hybrid cloud security

Organizations are increasing their reliance on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud to deliver cost effective infrastructure. Our cloud security solution not only helps address your migration to the cloud in a secure way, it continuously monitors your multi-and hybrid environment for any IT misconfigurations and compliance issues.

Automate and orchestrate container security for DevOps

Application containers enable DevOps to package, deploy, run and manage applications in a way that is portable, reusable and automated. But they can also introduce security concerns. Our solution identifies all new vulnerabilities against the daily update of a vulnerability database and hardens your containers to ensure continuous protection.

Protect your cloud workload and beyond

Organizations need to proactively manage the security of their own workloads from internal and external attacks. Cloudsec Inspect analyzes network configuration, such as firewall rules, open ports and VLANs and performs intrusive tests in servers and applications. Plus, thoroughly assesses best practices for Hadoop, Docker and other workloads.

Container security

The adoption of containers for packaging and delivering applications has revolutionized software development. Although containers are isolated, they share the same Operating System, binaries and libraries with other platforms and applications. Cloudsec Inspect hardens container engine configuration and secures against CVEs in the images.

DevOps security

Agile development requires robust security in the CI/CD pipeline. Our DevOps security testing solutions cover SAST and DAST scanning, API security testing, cloud configuration assessment, with manual testing and container inspection to give you the most complete view of application risks with real-time alerts to prioritize mitigation actions.

Cloud security

Cloudsec Inspect protects your cloud assets and maintains your shared responsibility with CWPP and CSPM to continuous monitor of your risks in the public clouds, whether you’re just beginning a cloud migration, need help with compliance, or deep into multi-cloud operations and requiring continuous assessment. 

Multi-cloud security

Secure cloud migration by continuously monitoring multi- and hybrid environments for any IT misconfigurations and compliance issues

Cloud security posture management
Monitor, detect and respond to cloud threats and maintain compliance across public clouds and containers to minimize the risk of data leak
Container protection

Minimize human errors in code and automate software composition analysis to detect CVE vulnerabilities disguised in Docker registries ensuring new vulnerabilities aren't introduced through secure code training for developers and continuous application scanning 

Drive DevSecOps efficiency

Track application security and streamline cloud deployment to provide complete security coverage through continuous monitoring and testing in your development pipeline

Cloud API automation
Create better workflow efficiencies and ensure faster deployment with our open Cloud API to integrate with your CI/CD toolchain in the speed of DevOps
Full protection across the SDLC

With speed as the driving force in DevOps, our tools help embed security testing in the SDLC for end to end DevOps security

24/7 cloud workload protection
Using Outpost24, Wakanda is able to continuously assess and monitor their cyber exposure, and apply CIS (Centre for Internet Security) and CSA (Cloud Security Alliance)’s security best practice for AWS. Our vulnerability assessment tools allow Wakanda to identify their security weakness proactively, so vulnerabilities such as Heartbleed, a bug in the widely used SSL library, can be mitigated before their customers can be affected. logo
Samir Salibi, CMO, Wakanda

“Outpost24’s expertise, both in matters of AWS security best practices and technologies, was invaluable to help us meet the security challenges of our PaaS and establish a solid foundation to secure our Wakanda platform.”

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