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Free Password Security Audit

A read-only scan to audit your active directory infrastructure for breached passwords and more

password security audit

With over 80% of breaches resulting from compromised passwords, accounts using leaked passwords are an entry point for attackers.

Our password audit tool scans your Active Directory and identifies password-related vulnerabilities to resolve.

Via an interactive dashboard you can analyse the data or export to an executive level summary.

Specops Password Auditor is a read-only program, and available for FREE download

900 m+ Breached Passwords

Sources like Have I Been Pwned, honeypots, and open source lists help us keep a massive and up-to-date database of breached passwords.

This free password audit scan checks for 750M+ known breached passwords in your AD infrastructure and regularly updates.

1,000 + Businesses Protected

Thousands of organizations, from local municipalities to Fortune 500s, trust their password security to Specops Software. Even more are using the free tools to prove a need for additional security measures.

129 Countries Worldwide

Our capabilities span across language barriers. Specops has interface available in multiple languages including English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, simplified Chinese, and many more.

With Specops there’s no limit to who can benefit from advanced cyber security tools.

Overview of password policies

Overview of password policies (change interval, dictionary enforcement, relative strength...)

account identification

Identify accounts using breached/leaked or duplicate passwords

identity security

Identify user accounts without a minimum password length requirement

dormant user accounts

Identify dormant user accounts

account identification

Password expiration reports to curb password-related helpdesk calls

Export report

Use standalone or integrate with Specops Password Policy

Export report

Export report data to CSV for further processing

Export report

Generate an executive summary PDF report to share your results with decision makers

Password Auditor Fast Facts

> Is this tool really free?

Yes, no strings attached. There are also no affiliate adverts, or anything annoying like you usually find in freeware.

> What changes does this tool make to my users and passwords?

Specops Password Auditor will not make any changes to your data, it’s purely read-only so any subsequent actions – like asking users with breached passwords to change them – will need to be done manually. You may also choose to run Password Auditor on your entire Active Directory or just a portion of it.

> What information is shared with Specops?

Specops Password Auditor does NOT report any data back to Specops either, so apart from downloading the installer, and the 5GB database, you can run this on a computer just fine without an internet connection.

> Is this tool cracking passwords?

Quite the opposite… this tool isn’t cracking anyone’s password, it’s purely temporarily extracting the hashes. In fact, it uses the same methods to do this as AD replication does. So, no rules are being broken, and we’re not accessing any data that isn’t already available to a domain admin level account.

> How many breached passwords does this tool compare against?

Troy Hunt’s HIBP tool is an excellent resource with over 600m pwned passwords, however this list was last updated in November 2020. At Specops we have a team dedicated to compiling the latest breached password in to a database of over 2.5bn and our SPA breached database is a subset of that.

Audit Active Directory For Vulnerabilities

Our password audit tool scans and checks passwords of the user accounts against a list of vulnerable passwords obtained from multiple data breach leaks. It also provides a full view of the administrator accounts in an organisation’s domain, including stale/inactive admin accounts. 

Interactive Dashboard & Reports

From a single view, you can identify vulnerabilities that can assist you with your security plan.  

Using the interactive dashboard you drill-down and analyse the data, export to .csv or generate an executive level summary in PDF.

Align password policies with standards

Specops Password Auditor generates comparison reports of the password settings in your organization, with industry standards and compliance standards from NIST, CJIS, PCI, HITRUST, NCSC, CNIL, ANSSI, and BSI.

Run a Free Specops Password Audit Today

Read what the IT Security community is saying

techgenix logo

“The software works flawlessly, the documentation is well written (not that you will need it), the software is easy to use, you can get it for free, and most importantly, it does something useful. I simply cannot justify giving Specops Password Auditor anything other than a well deserved perfect score.”

Brien Posey – Microsoft MVP

capterra logo

“This is probably one of the best freeware tools available to review password policies, compare and benchmark with others as well be able to audit the administration of password policy. It also helps generate reports that show weak passwords that are vulnerable as well as expired passwords and enhance password security.”

Capterra Reviewer – 5/5 Rating

4sysops logo

“For Windows systems administrators, Specops Password Auditor is a must-have utility. You can’t beat the price (free), and if the tool helps you spot just one previously unknown high-privilege account, then the tool has given your business tremendous value.”

Timothy Warner – Microsoft MVP

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