iso iec 27001 compliance guide
ISO/IEC 27001 compliance guide for CISOs and IT Managers 
Compliance & Regulations
ISO/IEC 27001 compliance guidelines to support the implementation and continuous improvement of managing information security risks.
http2 downgrading request smuggling
Request smuggling and HTTP/2 downgrading: exploit walkthrough
Application Security
Detailed overview and real-world exploit of request smuggling vulnerability from HTTP/2 downgrading.
Unveiling LummaC2 stealer’s novel Anti-Sandbox technique: Leveraging trigonometry for...
Research & Threat Intel
Lumma stealer’s new Anti-Sandbox technique that forces the malware to wait until “human” behavior is detected.
traditional pen testing
Can traditional pen testing keep up with modern AppSec?...
Application Security
A pen tester’s perspective on the most common issues with vulnerability scanning and traditional pen testing of modern web apps.
press release
Outpost24 adds Threat Explorer to threat intelligence platform for...
Press Release
Leading cyber risk management and threat intelligence provider Outpost24 today announced the release of Threat Explorer, an advanced vulnerability intelligence...