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Akira Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) targeting Swedish organizations  
Cybersecurity News
The latest ransomware attack on an IT service provider has had a profound impact on Swedish companies, government agencies, and...
Protecting your business against impersonation attacks
Learn how to maintain control of your online assets and prevent brand impersonation attacks with external attack surface management.
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Outpost24 Expands Leading External Attack Surface Management Solution with...
Press Release
Outpost24, a leading provider of cyber risk management and threat intelligence solutions, today announced the integration of credential threat intelligence...
cyber security prediction 2024
The scope of cybersecurity in 2024: Predictions from the...
Application Security
Outpost24’s security experts predict the emerging threats that will shape the cybersecurity landscape in 2024
monitor presence dark web banner
How to monitor your organization’s presence on the dark...
Research & Threat Intel
The importance of checking underground dark web forums for mentions of your organization to mitigate breaches or cyber-attacks.