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Why Outpost24

Why Outpost24

Staying on top of the vulnerabilities are getting harder. Here are why you should choose Outpost24

5 reasons to work with Outpost24

#1 Created by ethical hackers 

  • We know where your technology can be broken, our platform is built on years of ethical hacking experience to provide meaningful results that businesses can action on
  • Our team consist of highly skilled ethical hackers with CISSP, ISSAP, OPSA, CTA, OPST, OPSE and OWSE certification
  • We regular contribute to the security community through our vulnerability research, for example we shared our hacking expertise with David Lagercrantz in the making of his best-selling novel 'The Girl in the Spider's Web' (think Lisbeth Salander!)
why outpost24 ethical hacker

why outpost24 full stack IT security

#2 Specialist in security assessment

  • Our sole purpose is managing your vulnerabilities and helping businesses understand their cyber exposure. We don’t get distracted by diversification into other threat detection and SIEM solutions like other vendors do
  • Established since 2001, we serve 2,000 customers in over 40 countries and are accredited by CIS. CISSP, PCI ASV and more
  • Analysts like Gartner, Forrester and Frost & Sullivan regularly feature Outpost24 in their vendor guides and reports

#3 Progressive roadmap and innovative offering

  • We are the only security assessment vendor with a full stack coverage across network, device, web application, compliance, data and user security
  • We offer a unique blend of software- and security-as-a-service for our customers to build and optimize their security programs whilst keeping cost down
why outpost24 innovative technology

why outpost24 customer

#4 High customers satisfaction

  • High customer satisfaction for our platform’s implementation process (96%), ease of use (100%) and technical support (100%)
  • As a 2018 winner of Great User Experience in the FinancesOnline award, we focus on user experience that delivers results
  • Our customers rated the quality of our technical support service 4.3 out of 5 in 2018

#5 We make integration easy 

  • We are not jack-of-all-trades but we recognize the need for companies to integrate their security tools, our open platform is built for integration via REST API
  • Pre-built integrations available for market leading tools such as ServiceNow, Okta, Cyberark, Kenna Security, Jira, Splunk and more
why outpost24 API

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