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Web Application Security

Web Application Security
Tech evolves at a high-octane pace. Ensure your app security keeps up.
Stay ahead of threats with insights about application vulnerabilities

Application Security Testing 

From improving customer experiences to streamlining processes, applications can be a major asset to your company. They can also introduce new security risks – especially when their security isn’t kept up to speed with your changes.

To help you keep up, we’ve developed a variety of application testing solutions to fit your business. From thorough penetration testing to agile scanner-less scanning Appsec Scale testing to the industry’s only hybrid solution — Secure Web Application Tactics (SWAT).

Reasons to improve your application security solution:

  • Business would be impaired by disruption to web applications
  • Unsure about your web applications’ and interfaces’ risk levels
  • DevOps process doesn’t include complete security analysis of constantly changing applications
  • Your human-based penetration testing is cost-preventative to frequent checks
  • Application security testing is uncoordinated with other vulnerability assessments

Test continuously with minimal effects on your bottom line

Speed, depth, or a combination of both

The two biggest drivers in application security testing are cost and time.

  • One-time penetration (PEN) testing gives you a thorough view of vulnerabilities, but you’ll need to test again when making changes to the app.

  • Automated testing – such as Appsec Scale – gets you business-results quickly based on the last scanned-for vulnerabilities.

  • Our hybrid solution, SWAT, combines our automated testing with human PEN testing to be faster than – and as deep as – PEN testing for agile processes.

Combine the best of both worlds for speed, accuracy, and depth in an agile DevOps process. Automated Scanning & Manual Penetration Testing.
Appsec Scale
AppSec Scale
Continuously test your applications for faster business results.

"We acknowledge that security is a part of the business we do - so why not go for the best.”

Hákon Åkerlund
IT Security Manager at Landsbankinn

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