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Support and Customer Success

We have the technology, you have the ideas. Here are the many ways Outpost24 is dedicated to helping you meet the unique security challenges for your business

Your security is our success
Knowledge base and release notes

From set up and configuration to user guides and monthly release notes, find the answers you need to make our security tools work for you

Training and Certification

Turn your people into security champions by empowering them with the skills and knowledge to seek out security flaws

Portal access:

In order to send us feedback or request in the product you MUST set up an user account in the Outpost24 Support Portal. Request account access by sending your full name and company to

Customer Support Packages

Knowledge Support

Standard support package with fast response time based on severity levels and full access to the customer support portal and Knowledge Base

Expert Support

Premium support package with all the benefits in Standard plus access to support phone line and a dedicated customer success manager for regular reviews

Managed Services

When resource is tight, our fully managed services offer fast deployment and take the ongoing vulnerability management off your hands to save you time and money

Support FAQ
  • I’m new to Outpost24 or Blueliv. How do I get access to the support portal?

Request access by sending your full name and company info to

If you need more accounts, you can raise a ticket with the request type Portal Access Request in Servicedesk

  • How do I raise a ticket in the support portal?

Here’s a user guide on how to use the Outpost24 support portal here, but make sure you check out the Getting Started/Knowledge Base before you raise a ticket

  • Where do I check the running status of Outscan?

Check out the live update of Outscan's running status and if there’s any downtime scheduled for maintenance

  • How can I get notified about Outpost24/Blueliv product updates and releases?

Go to the Knowledge Base or Blueliv Community and make sure you sign up for our product update and newsletter so you won't miss a thing

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