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Technical Support 24/7

Technical Support 24/7
We provide direct support 24 hours per day and 7 days per week at no additional cost for all our customers and ensure that every customer gets the technical expertise they need, on-demand, by qualified technology and security experts.
YES, PLEASE I WOULD LIKE TO CONTACT SUPPORTSend us a note and our support team will get back to you shortly.

At Outpost24, we are committed to providing the highest quality service so that customers get full value from their security program. Where many companies offer first line support and service based on investment level, Outpost24 dedicates a team of technology experts trained in vulnerability management and testing services to support every customer. Our support team works directly with the development team to report user feedback and continuously improve our tools.


You can get in touch with our support team in two ways:

Via Phone:
  • Tel (from the UK): +44 20 7193 8410
  • Tel (from the US): +1 (800) 69 13 150
  • Tel (from the Netherlands): +31 208 932 601
  • Tel (from Spain): +34 91 188 08 15
  • Tel (from Mexico) : +52 55 8421 4503
  • Tel (from Hong Kong): +852 8175 8310
  • Tel (from Malaysia): +603 2035 5931
  • Tel (from Singapore): +65 3151 8310
  • Tel (from Thailand): +662 642 7258
  • Tel (all other countries): +46 455 612 310
For encryption, please use our public PGP key

Technical Support SLA

Support is included in all licenses. There are no charges associated with the use of this service and there are no limitations to the amount of cases or calls a customer may have.

Email and support requests submitted via website

  • Email support is available 24/7
  • All support requests submitted will receive a response within 24 hours
  • 95% of all emails shall be responded to within 8 hours

Phone Support

  • Phone support is available 24/7
  • All customers are eligible for phone support. Phone support covers questions related to the use and functionality of Outpost24 solutions.
  • All calls answered within 5 minutes
  • 95% of all calls shall be responded to within 90 seconds


  • Support incidents are assigned with a ticket. This ticket is the Case-ID indicated in emails from support.
  • Tickets that are waiting for a customer’s reply may be closed after 7 days. Before a ticket is closed, an email is sent as a reminder. If new communication is received the ticket is reopened.

Customer Requirements

  • Customer must have an active Outpost24 subscription to at least one Outpost24 product or be an Outpost24 Services customer.
  • Communication with support should reference the assigned Case-ID to track the case.

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