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Red Team Assessment

From phishing to network exploitation, understand and improve your cyber defense with scenario-based, multi-layered attack simulations to reduce risks of hacking

Keeping your business safe from ransomware, phishing to data theft is getting harder. Red Teaming is a scenario-based approach in which our operatives will try to obtain pre-defined crown jewels, using adversarial Tools, Tactics and Procedures to assess how your organization (blue team) hold up against different attack scenarios, and present a realistic view of your security defense. 

Performed by Outpost24's Ghost Labs, our team consists of highly skilled ethical hackers covering a wide range of advanced testing services from social engineering to network exploitation to help companies keep up with evolving threats targeting their businesses.


Red team assessment - validate, don't assume

Having a security program in place and being effective are two different things. For companies who take security seriously, red teaming is one of the best ways to measure its effectiveness and validate your security controls:  

  • Awareness
    Remote workers and employees are easy pickings for hackers.  Measuring and increasing security awareness should be a top priority of any organization looking to improve their IT security
  • What-if or How far will you get?
    You know your security is lacking in certain areas but can't put your finger on it. Red teaming can accurately reveal security failings through simulated attack scenarios to provide insights that you can act on
  • Increasing resilience
    No matter how much you have invested in security, you won't know whether they worked until disaster strikes. The only way to know is through a stress test. Red teaming does just that to answer the question of 'How secure are we, really?' 
security maturity red teaming

Red teaming service features


Open Source Intelligence Gathering

The target can be an individual, a group of staff, a physical location or a technical asset. Our OSINT specialist will gather data relates to the defined target and provide a risk analysis of the digital footprint


Social Engineering - Phishing

We craft custom phishing emails and associated landing pages, send it out to targeted employees and report back statistics on a group-level

media baiting

Social Engineering - Media Baiting

Custom printed USB drives or other media will be prepared with weaponized documents/files. In doing so we can assess the awareness of employees awareness on malicious media

physical testing red teaming

Social Engineering - Physical Penetration Test

Combine physical security assessment and social engineering tactics to obtain access to the client’s premises

external network security

External Network Exploitation

Assessment of the client’s external (perimeter) systems and controlled exploitation of these systems in order to breach the perimeter and gain access to the (internal) network or sensitive data

internal network security

Internal Network Exploitation

Assessment of the client’s internal network through exploitation of security misconfigurations, outdated hard- and software, captured credentials from phishing, network sniffing and many other techniques to pivot through the internal network


Follow-up Workshop

Tailored follow-up sessions, range from a (technical) session to discuss the findings, to an in-depth workshop with the blue team through simulation to jointly improve detective/responsive actions

ethical hacker

Performed by Ethical Hacking Experts

With a strong root in ethical hacking, all red team assessments are performed by our Ghost Labs - experienced and certified ethical hackers to ensure it meets the compliance standards and requirements

Red teaming package overview

Services packages

Focus (2 choices)

Explore (3 choices)

Navigate (4 choices)

Evolve (bespoke)

Open Source Intelligence Gathering

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Social Engineering - Phishing

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Social Engineering - Media baiting

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Social Engineering - Physical penetration test

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External Network Exploitation

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Internal Network Exploitation---chek service description

Follow-up Workshop/Seminar/Presentations

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Awareness TrainingAdversarial Simulation

How red teaming works?


Determine crown jewels and definitive scope

Perform initial OSINT and create custom attack scenarios for our clients

Determine execution schedule and set Go/No-Go parameters.


Execution of scenarios per human- physical- and cyber-element

Throughout we will make observation of which we will collect appropriate evidence


Reporting by default will include a management summary and a collection of observations

Each observation will be addressed based on the estimated severity and will include a tailored solution

The overall report will describe how the attack against our clients unfolded from initial reconnaissance to exfiltration


On-site workshop with Blue team to discuss the attack scenario or have an IOC discussion

Help in creating prioritized actions and alignment with existing security roadmaps

"To get your customers trust is a very difficult thing to attain. And once you have it - it is very easy to lose again! We are building secure systems that improve our customers lives and protects their privacy. This is the core of our success" 

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red teaming webinar

Red teaming webinar

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Pen Testing Whitepaper

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