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Adversarial attack simulation

Proactively optimize the effectiveness of your security controls through simulated real world attack scenarios

Can your organization withstand a targeted hacking attempt?

'Are we safe?' - a question security leaders often get asked but cannot answer with 100% certainty. Once you have made the investment in security, the only to know if they work is through proactive testing.

Targeted cyber attacks are increasing at an alarming rate since the global pandemic with phishing, malware/ransomware and active exploitations of vulnerabilities. Traditional penetration testing are no longer enough to protect your business as hackers are finding new ways to reach the crown jewels. 

Adversarial attack simulation go above and beyond narrow-scoped pen tests to assess your preventive, detective and responsive capabilities to help you understand the attack path and what could happen in the event of a data breach.


The only way to validate your cyber readiness

Each service is objective based and performed black-box, providing actionable insights to suit the assessment objective and enables you to take the right action to mitigate risks identified by our ethical hackers

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Digital Footprinting

We will gather information regarding your external digital footprint through Open Source Intelligence gathering (OSINT), and attempt to breach the identified systems in order to penetrate your perimeter security and pivot into the internal network.

This allows us to provide a true picture into what an adversary can find about your organization you maybe didn't even know existed. As such, we can help identify weaknesses in your Internet facing systems and determine how far adversaries could go to successfully penetrate your network.


Assumed Breach Assessment

Starts with an assumed breach of the internal network through a compromised VPN connection or a compromised employee laptop. Our ethical hackers will test your organization from the inside and out, and providing you with a realistic ‘what-if’ scenario. 

Through passive network monitoring, network mapping and exploring systems within the network. We will identify the attack paths, critical vulnerabilities and missing security controls for you to ensure better prevention, detection, and effective mitigation if a real breach occurs.

Other ethical hacking services

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Classic Penetration Testing

We offer penetration testing on networks, web applications and mobile applications. Our ethical hackers will work with you to choose which testing option should be used to meet your goals

red teaming assessment

Advanced Red Team Assessment

The most sophisticaed black box testing using agile, scenario-based testing to provide you with a realistic view on specific threats and your team's readiness to respond and defend

"To get your customers trust is a very difficult thing to attain. And once you have it - it is very easy to lose again! We are building secure systems that improve our customers lives and protects their privacy. This is the core of our success" 

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Ethical hacking articles

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With a strong root in ethical hacking you can count on us to deliver first-class testing to help you optimize your security controls.​​​​​​​

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