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Ethical hacking

Ethical hacking

Our penetration testing services provide a clear understanding of your current risk level and offer advice on how to improve defenses

Knowledge is power, make sure you test it right

Types of Penetration Tests:

White box - the testers are given full information regarding the target system or application. This approach simulates a completed reconnaissance phase, allowing the tester to look for attack vector much more efficiently.

Black box - the pen testers go in blend with virtually no information about the system, it's very accurate in pinpointing those gaps in security processes that can be exploited by an attacker to gain foothold.

Grey box - it falls in between full disclosure and zero-knowledge, it's effective in mimicking the kind of knowledge that threat actors may have by researching, foot-printing and accessing a system.

Picking the right pen testing methodology for your business isn't as straightforward as just picking a color. Align the right pen test type to your organization goals to guide remediation and repair weaknesses is essential.


Outpost24's Penetration Testing Service

IT security

Network & Infrastructure Assessments

Outpost24 offers network and infrastructure tests on internal, external and wireless networks. These are manual tests performed by our team using a variety of network penetration techniques and tools. Tests can include either corporate networks or key infrastructure

web application security

Web Application Assessment

Web applications are often a point of entry to organizations’ networks. Our security experts will test for technical flaws like SQL Injections and XSS; and for business logic flaws

mobile security

Mobile Application Testing

Many companies now include mobile applications as part of their product portfolio or as marketing medium. Outpost24 security testers analyze mobile applications for classic flaws and mobile-specific security issues



Whether it is a small-scale generic e-mail campaign or a more advanced spear phishing scenario, Outpost24 has the tools and expertise to launch, analyse and report the results of a phishing attack simulation

Complementary products and services

devops security

DevOps Security for Web Apps 

Get the best of both world and the most complete view of your application security with our innovative continuous monitoring service combining automated scanning with pen testing.

red teaming assessment

Red Team Assessment

Scenario-based testing is more agile than the classical pen test model using creative testing and established strategies. Best for companies wanting a realistic view on specific threats.

"To get your customers trust is a very difficult thing to attain. And once you have it - it is very easy to lose again! We are building secure systems that improve our customers lives and protects their privacy. This is the core of our success" 

Private Box

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external network security whitepaper

Pen Testing Whitepaper

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ethical hacking articles

Ethical hacking articles

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