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How Pulse Sensor Works

Identify, Assess, and Continuously Monitor Devices On and Around Your Network

Enterprise Capable Frictionless Plug-and-Play Deployment

Pulse Sensor provides total device visibility by building baseline security profile and enforcing critical network controls across physical locations. Easy to deploy without the need to install and manage agents.


Real time discovery of all IT and IoT devices — wired, wireless, and Bluetooth — on the network and in the surrounding airspace.


Automatically create comprehensive fingerprints of devices consisting of manufacturer, OS, ports, running services, and IP/MAC address.


Correlate interfaces, analyze snapshots, and evaluate device relationships to create individual device identities and track their behavior and changes.

Assess Potential Security Threats

Pwn Pulse continually monitors the behavior of devices and associated systems for indicators of Shadow IT, then creates actionable intelligence of threats and risks.


Group devices into systems based on relationships, device behavior, and business role to visualize company-wide security trends


Continually monitor IoT devices and systems for changes in behavior and configuration with built-in analytics and dashboards


Detect threats and risks from vulnerable devices and malicious hardware and address them effectively with actionable intelligence.

Respond with Pwn Pulse

Respond directly from Pulse to neutralize IoT device threats, or share intelligence with existing security solutions to take relevant action. Pulse provides the intelligence and directed response options you need to protect your critical systems from outsider threat.


Customizable alerting when threat is identified by Pulse. It can also be configured to integrate with an existing SIEM e.g. Splunk for incident reponse


Enhance existing security solutions by sharing IoT threat intelligence with the rest of your security stack. Including immediate asset detection and assessment.


Recreate incident conditions with detailed forensics for every device seen for monitoring and auditing. 

24/7 Monitoring and Support

From planning and strategy to service support, our experts have you covered.

customer support pwn pulse


Our dedicated support team is focused on customer success, with continual planning, testing, training, onboarding, and ongoing monitoring services to help maximize your investment.

support pwn pulse


Sensors are pre-configured to only communicate with the central management server, all communications and databases are encryted, and all services are segmented to provide the highest level of defense

professional services


We apply our extensive knowledge as security professionals to your unique environment, from initial assessments to special events, integrations, monitoring, and more.


Outpost24 Pulse is a sensor-based SaaS solution that supports all modern web broswers for adminstration. The sensor comes pre-installed with the Pwnix Operating System based on Kali Linux.


  • Processor: 1.8GHz Intel i3
  • Memory: 4GB DDR3
  • Disk Storage: 32GB SSD
  • Onboard I/O: 1x Gigabit Ethernet, 2x USB ports, 1x HDMI

Wireless Spectrums:

  • Onboard high-gain dual-band 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac wireless supporting packet injection & monitor mode (with detachable antennas)
  • Onboard high-gain Bluetooth (up to 1000′ range) supporting packet injection & monitor mode (with detachable antennas)

Updates and new features are automatically pushed to the sensors

"Pwn Pulse is the only solution that meets our needs. I looked at the leading Network
Access Control (NAC) and WIPS/WIDS solutions, and they couldn’t touch Pwnie
Express when it comes to monitoring and securing our PCI wireless network and
the devices that connect to it"

Mark Abbott,  Group IT Director of One Hospitality

More Information about Pwn Pulse Product 

We defend you from hackers by thinking like them. Find out more about our wireless network security assessment solution.

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