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Application pen testing as a service

Web application is a common target for hackers and failure to secure them can put your organization at significant risk. From light weight pen testing to continuous assessment, we combine automated scanning with a cycle of high quality, CREST certified manual testing to identify and validate common software vulnerabilities in real time

What is pen testing as a service (PTaaS)

Penetration testing is an effective way to detect flaws in your application before they turn into a serious threat to your business as well as enabling you to better understand the applications attack surface. But in the always-on economy there comes a problem - traditional pen testing delivery has a long ramp up time and the results are point in time, which often leaves critical application vulnerabilities exposed longer than it should, given the average time for a threat actor to weaponize a new vulnerability is only 7 days.

A new wave of automated pen tests conducted through a software as a service delivery model can fix this problem. This model provides companies a view into to their vulnerability finding in real time, in a dashboard that displays all relevant data as it happens. Just like traditional pen testing services, PTaaS provides companies with resources for parsing vulnerabilities and verifying the effectiveness of a remediation. PTaaS provides companies with direct access to security experts/pentesters and knowledge base to assist in-house security teams with vulnerability prioritization and remediations.

As the level of technical knowledge and skills required for pen testing are extremely high and can be a costly exercise for organizations to outsource, it's usually used for only critical applications and annual compliance audit. Also, it’s not just the financial implications you should consider – the final report can be just as confusing as when you began, especially when passing the information to your development teams to remediate effectively. Hence PTaaS is well-suited for agile organizations who needs a cost effective and flexible way to audit and secure key web applications.

Automated scanning

Our automated application security scanner provides a good balance of speed to business results to keep your business moving forward through continuous monitoring

Manual testing

All our pen testing services are CREST certificated, peer reviewed and verified by our security experts giving you a thorough view of the vulnerabilities and its associated risk level such as business logic error and backdoors that automated scanners missed

Continuous monitoring

When we detect a change our security experts review that change and where needed will conduct a detailed and thorough penetration test to assess application risk to ensure your risk levels are in check

Our pen testing as a service offerings
A time boxed, rapid pen test for large volume of web applications to provide security and quality assurance. The perfect way to satisfy internal and compliance audit or testing between DevOps scrum/sprint 
Reduces time and cost without compromising on quality. We offer on-demand and deep analysis of your web applications with expert validation, support and re-testing services during a 30-day engagement
When your application is mission critical we offer the most complete testing process by combining automated scanning with up to 4x manual pen test to ensure continuous protection for the most prevalent software vulnerabilities
Access to security experts

Interact directly with our security experts who can help your organization learn and understand application risks, and provide guidance on the best ways to remediate vulnerabilities identified

Zero false positive

Peer reviewed by our experts, you can be assured that there's zero false positives in the vulnerability reports to distract you and easily automate report distribution to key stakeholders

Instant notification and verification

We provide real-time insights of your vulnerabilities to expedite your remediation as the test is happening, and help verify your remediation effort beyond the test length for best results

The Outpost24 difference

Network coverage

Our solution includes 1 instance providing extra coverage for your production or pre-production environment

Real-time results

All findings are delivered as it happens in the portal with detailed recreation flows and remediation advice for fast remediations

Accurate reports

Our detailed reports, verified by security experts, guarantee near zero false positives to enable pin-pointed mitigations

Value for money
Include 4x manual tests per year to ensure you have oversight of any hidden risks that could pose a threat to your business
On-demand webinar: Creating a sustainable application security program to drive growth

Learn how you can create greater and more robust visibility of security within the application development lifecycle

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Thomas Kjærgaard, CEO, founder and co-owner , EasySignup

“Utilizing an automated security testing tool like Outpost24 has helped reduce 3,000 audits to 1 audit and documents that our system is secure to our customers. It has enhanced our security capabilities and now we have a complete view of threats”

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