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Web application security testing

Cybersecurity is the #1 challenge for web applications and agile DevOps. Know every application you own and automate vulnerability detection with unparalleled efficiency to secure your modern web against OWASP Top 10 and common software weaknesses.

Application security for SecOps

Outsourced application development and commercial off the shelf software are being adopted and customized faster than IT teams can find and secure them. Our extensive range of blackbox application security testing solutions - from attack surface mapping, automated application scanning to on-demand penetration testing, providing continuous discovery and assessment to identify and mitigate application vulnerabilities no matter where they are developed and deployed.

Attack surface management

New threats are emerging daily and having visibility is key. We bring your external attack surface into focus, from the hacker's view, to help security teams respond proactively and confidently to potential exploits in their digital footprint before an attack can happen

Penetration testing as a service

Regular pen testing are costly whilst automated scanners are full of false positives. Get the best of both worlds through our on-demand model and real time collaboration with experienced pentesters for the most complete assessment of software vulnerabilities

Fully managed appsec program

Your application ecosystem is constant evolving and security isn't a one time event. A fully managed application security service with continuous attack surface discovery and assessment to prioritize vulnerability remediation as your applications change.

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With a large amount of internet exposed assets, NZZ group needed to protect their digital presence and secure the highly dynamic media operation without slowing down new releases to multiple websites. They ran pen tests before using Outpost24 but it wasn’t sufficient to protect their external networks and web applications 24/7. Discover how they leverage Outpost24's continuous appsec assessment tools to secure their high velocity development cycles.
NZZ logo
Neue Zürcher Zeitung
Erich Giesinger, Head of Web and Internet Security, NZZ media

"The Outpost24 platform saves us time. The alerting feature means I can investigate any issues when notified, which is set up to match our business parameters and filter out irrelevant findings that clog up my inbox, helping my small team with multiple responsibilities to better collaborate with DevOps and prioritize vulnerabilities more coherently" 

OWASP Top 10

Broken Access Control
Cryptographic Failure
Insecure Design
Security Misconfiguration
Vulnerable Components
ID & Authentication Failure
Software & Data Integrity Failures
Security Logging & Monitoring Failures
Server-Side Request Forgery


Out-of-bounds Write
Cross Site Scripting
Out-of-bounds Read
Improper Input Validation
OS Command Injection
SQL Injection
Use After Free
Path Traversal
Cross Site Request Forgery
Unrestricted Upload 


Buffer Overflow
Content Spoofing
Directory Indexing
Information Leakage
LDAP Injection
SSI Injection
Session Fixation
Insufficient Authorization
Insufficient Session Expiration
and more

Application security for DevOps

Implementing a secure Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) requires a great deal of investment, time, and effort for any organization. This means ensuring complete security coverage of the DevOps workflow. Our automated DevSecOps solutions empower organizations with secure coding training, API testing, automated SAST and DAST tools, along with cloud configurations assessment and container inspection to ensure faster and safer code releases through security integration.

Secure coding training

Shift left and arm your developers with in depth knowhow to write secure code from the start, saving your business time and money from security issues down the line

Static code analysis

Scan millions of source code lines and automate complex code inspection at speed to eliminate software vulnerabilities like XSS without the need for security domain knowledge

API security testing

Uncover API risks in your web services with automated security checks against critical data access controls including role-based access control and attribute-based access control continuously

Automated DAST scanning

Automate blackbox testing to identify vulnerabilities in OWASP top 10 and configuration mistakes in running applications to help you stay compliant and nimble across the SDLC

Multi cloud security

Protect your AWS, Azure or GCP workloads and prevent common misconfigurations from a single user interface. Our cloud API automatically discover and assess your CSPs against security best practice and compliance 

Container inspection

Containerized applications can leave your DevOps vulnerable and open to hidden vulnerabilities in base image. Automate container configuration and composition analysis to reduce open-source risks

Penetration testing

Reduces the time and cost in scoping pen tests for your applications. Our on-demand, time-boxed pen tests streamline the procurement process without compromising on quality of the test results

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