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Web Application Security Testing 

Security is the #1 challenge for applications and agile DevOps. Automate detection of application vulnerabilities and orchestrate remediations in your CI/CD pipeline

Secure vulnerable web applications with continuous testing

web application security

Outsourced application development and COTS softwares are being adopted and customized faster than IT teams can secure them. Our blackbox application security testing solutions provide multi-layered discovery and assessment to mitigate application vulnerabilities like SQL injection and cross-site scripting, with full visibility.

web application security

Agile development requires robust security across the SDLC. Our DevSecOps solutions empower organizations with secure coding training, API testing, automated SAST and DAST tools, along with cloud configurations assessment and container inspection to keep software vulnerabilities in check and ensure faster code releases.

Web application security testing solutions

Your security should be as agile as your applications. We offer a unique combination of CREST certificated pen testing and automated scanning to provide continuous monitoring of web apps. With zero false positives and prioritized vulnerability insights to help you action on real risk. Be prepared against SQL injection or cross-site scripting attacks.

interactive cyber security training for web application security

Secure Code and SAST for Developers

Our interactive DevOps security training arms developers with the in-depth know-how to write secure code, while our SAST tool ensures early detection of insecure source code and software composition. This empowers developers to effortlessly shift left, reducing the cost and time required to ratify security issues later in the development cycle

pen test

Application Pen Test as a Service Bundle

Typically reserved for critical applications, manual testing is the most effective way to seek out potential vulnerabilities. Our affordable,  Crest certified Snapshot and Assure application pen test can satisfy your risk reduction and compliance needs with fast, precise assessments and remedial verification, keeping your costs down without compromising the results

DAST web application security solution

Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)

Automate continuous black box application security testing to detect run time issues. From injection, XXS to misconfigurations, our DAST tool scans your application and the underlying infrastructure for full visibility of application vulnerabilities, with low false positives and easy integration with developer tools to automate security coverage in the CI/CD pipeline for agile DevOps cycles.

SWAT web application security solution

Continuous Pen Test for Critical Apps

Our premium solution combines automated DAST with Crest certificated penetration testing services for the most complete view of your application vulnerabilities. We continually assess and validate your attack surface as you make changes to your apps and infrastructure, plus real-time insights of CWE/OWASP top 10 and direct access to our security experts for remediation support. 

Common application vulnerabilities


SQL Injection
Command Injection
Code Injection
XPath Injection
LDAP Injection


File Manipulation
Cross-Site Scripting
DOM Based Cross-Site Scripting
HTTP Header Injection
HTTP Response Splitting


Hardcoded Password/Credentials
Secret Key In Source
Heap Inspection
Error Messages Information Exposure
Log Forging

web application security testing solutions

Mapping your attack surface

Modern web applications can be a breeding ground for vulnerabilities. At Outpost24 we take a multi-step approach to uncover your attack surface and risk level. 

  1. Application discovery. Organizations should have an inventory of what web applications they own, and where they are most likely to be exposed
  2. Attack vector analysis. Evaluate the applications again the 7 mechanisms hackers use during reconnaissance to identify entry points
  3. Risk scoring. Correlate the results against temporal and environmental factors and provides a attack surface blueprint where a radar of your weaknesses and overall risk score is clearly defined and highlighted.

“Implementing Outpost24 has saved our team a lot of time and effort from managing day to day vulnerabilities, allowing us to better understand the risk posture and enabling us to prioritize more effectively”

Kim Millard, IT Manager of Lomax

Feature comparison for our application security products

Use Case

  • SWAT - our continuous penetration testing solution - is perfect for business critical apps that required deep analysis of vulnerabilities continuously
  • Help developers shift left with secure coding practice and deploy rapid analysis of web applications across the SDLC with Scale
  • Use Snapshot to conduct in-depth manual testing for major app changes or new app launch
  • Our light weight pen test Assure provides rapid analysis of your web apps to give you a compliance check point before production

All of our testing solutions cover OWASP top 10, WASC and CVE findings

web application security testing solutions

Automated scanning

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Schedule & on-demand scanning

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Continual assessment of application

12 months

CREST certified manual penetration testing

3 days30 days12 months
OWASP Top 10 findings 2017*
*server access required for A10
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WASC/CWE findings

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Netsec (CVE findings)

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No false positives

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Verification of remediated findings

30 days30 days12 months

Access to analysts for questions

30 days30 days12 months

Ad hoc / on demand reports

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Penetration test report

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Your human-based pen testing is cost-preventative to frequent checks to keep your critical apps secure

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Your DevOps process doesn’t include complete security analysis of constantly changing apps

web application security  testing

Your dynamic application security testing solution floods you with false positives and can't pinpoint risk levels and business logic errors

web application security  testing

Your web application security testing is uncoordinated with infrastructure and cloud vulnerability assessments

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