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Web Application security product

Web Application Security 

Security is the #1 challenge for agile DevOps. Automate detection of risky web apps and orchestrate remediations across your SDLC

Securing your DevOps

Agile development requires robust security. Look no further, our web vulnerability management services cover typical penetration testing with agile scenario-based testing giving you a more complete view of your applications with easy-to-understand reports covering threats, scenarios and mitigation actions.

web application security solutions

Web application security products

Built for agile development cycles, we offer a unique combination of manual testing and continuous monitoring at the speed of your sprints to. With zero positives and instant notifications, you can focus your remediation efforts on real vulnerabilities.

SWAT web application security solution

Application Security for the Future

SWAT is a hybrid solution, combining our automated testing tool with human Pen testing services for the most complete view of your vulnerabilities. The unique solution continually assesses and validates your remediation efforts as you make changes to your apps and infrastructure, and helps maximize coverage with minimal impact to your DevOps agile cycles.

DAST web application security solution

Dynamic Application Security Testing

Scale automatically and continually tests your apps in any operational setting. From development, pre-production to production, it evaluates both the application and the infrastructure on which it runs to give you full visibility into prevalent vulnerabilities, with low false positives and customizable scan options to ensure actionable results.

pen test

Penetration Testing, Your Way

Typically reserved for critical apps, ethical hacking is the most effective way to understand potential vulnerabilities. Whatever your goal is, our flexible Snapshot and Assure solutions can satisfy your risk reduction and compliance requirements with fast, precise assessments and remedial verifications from our technical experts

Which product is right for you?

Feature comparison between our application security products

  • Scale (continuous, rapid assessment)
  • Assure (one time, rapid assessment)
  • Snapshot (one time, deep assessment)
  • SWAT (continuous deep assessment and monitoring)


of total breaches involved attacks on web applications


of cyber attacks caused by cross site scripting


of web applications use software with vulnerabilities


of security flaws are found in software code as a result of errors in application development

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