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Automatically assess and understand risk across your networks

Known vulnerabilities are routinely exploited by threat actors and security teams must stay on top of unpatched systems. Automate vulnerability assessment solutions for extensive monitoring and identifying vulnerabilities with risk-based insights to pinpoint the most critical, ensuring businesses stay one step ahead of cybercriminals.

Vulnerability assessment solution - prioritize what matters

Don’t base your security decisions on assumptions. We provide actionable risk-based insights to advance your security remediation activities, ensuring you can pinpoint the imminent threats as your business grows. Our internal and external network scanning tools are designed to meet your business needs and continuously examine your entire attack surface identifying the biggest security threats to save you valuable time and resource. Continuously diagnosing internal and external network security issues to minimize your security exposure with risk scoring for faster and more focused remediation.

Agent based or agentless, for every scenario

Whether you need agent based scanning to secure your remote workforce or agentless scanning to deliver deep network and host assessment, we've got your remote endpoints and network assets covered to give you the best of both worlds

User-friendly interface and reporting
Lacking clarity and high level insights of network vulnerabilities impacting your business? Our interactive interface provides actionable and real-time results, enabling you to easily identify vulnerability trends and activity across your networks, cloud and wireless environments for greater risk context and management reporting
Air-gap deployment for data sovereignty

Backed by rich data and industry leading algorithms, our predictive scoring helps busy security teams stay ahead of attackers and remediate critical vulnerabilities based on the highest risk

Dynamic asset management

Predictive risk ratings accurately pinpoint the vulnerabilities that are most likely to be exploited (or already exploited) enabling faster vulnerability risk prioritization and time to patch

Scanning-less scanning (SLS)

Our unique SLS technology takes a fingerprint of your network and alerts you of potential new risks as they appear in between scans, so you are kept up to date and protected even when scanning isn't possible

Risk-based prioritization and reporting

Our detailed reports help identify and filter security priorities. With different level of details from CVSS, OS to threat intelligence for advanced prioritization and easy reporting across the business

Bridging your security hygiene gaps to prevent cyber attacks

Whilst organizations are distracted by Covid-19 the work of cybersecurity must continue to mitigate the rising threats of malware and ransomware. These attacks often target known vulnerabilities with available patches that could have been prevented. Learn how to re-focus their security best practice to level up cyber defense and ward off hacking attempts.

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Knut Erik Ballestad, Systems architect and Security at Komplett Group, Komplett

“I would recommend Outpost24 solutions to detect and manage vulnerabilities, their technology is second to none in maintaining the security of our critical applications, enabling us to deliver an exceptional customer service.”

Networks & Web App

Combine our vulnerability scanner with DAST solution to provide a single view of risks across internal/external networks and your applications

PCI Compliance

As a long time PCI certified Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV), we automate PCI compliance checks including wireless PCI with ease

Hybrid Cloud Ready

Outscan and Cloudsec Inspect enable the assessment of owned infrastructure alongside cloud environments to optimize security spend

SOC Integration

Outpost24 integrates with leading security technologies such as SIEM, IAM and CMDB to help streamline operations and share relevant information

Be the most effective security team

You have goals and we can help you reach it faster and smarter.

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